“That’s an earthquake,” Sarah Palin Says of Projected GOP House Control

By Jenny Schlesinger

Nov 2, 2010 9:46pm

ABC News’ Mary Bruce Reports:

Sarah Palin reacted to the news that the GOP is projected to gain control of the House, calling it “an earthquake.”

“Sixty is huge. It really isn’t a surprise though I think to so many who have been tracking closely the mood, the sentiment of the American public,” Palin said in her second appearance on Fox news tonight. “To me that’s an earthquake. It is a huge message sent. It is a shakeup and then we’re going to see some of the shakeup in the Senate too.” 

Fox projected shortly after 9 o’clock that Republicans had won control of the House. 

“It is a big darn deal," Palin added. "There is a lot of disenchantment and some disenfranchisement that the American public feels when we’re trying to relate to what government is doing to our country right now. So it’s a big deal to see this shakeup to see this turnaround,” Palin added. 

Palin also offered her first reaction to Democrat Chris Coons’ win over Tea Party favorite, Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, saying O’Donnell’s defeat was not surprising.

“Christine’s defeat, of course in a deep blue state it’s not really a surprise, disappointing for those who really wanted to shake it up in that state though,” Palin said. 

The former Alaska governor went on to say that even Republican Representative Mike Castle, who lost to O'Donnell in the primary, would have lost to Coons.

“Exit polling is showing that Mike Castle even would have lost to Chris Coons… There was never any guarantee that a hardcore conservative would win in a deep blue state like Delaware,” Palin said. 

Palin also chimed in on the defeat of Republican Senate candidate John Raese in West Virginia by Governor Joe Manchin. 

Despite the loss Palin said that “a message is being sent that, you know, the train is leaving the station and the president and his advisers and his colleagues and supporters can jump on board that train but it’s headed in a different direction and the direction is going to be one of a more conservative bend.” 

As for the big Tea Party win in Kentucky, Palin said Rand Paul “is basically a representative of the Tea Party movement. Those who are saying smaller, smarter government, kind of a libertarian bent even with Rand Paul and what he represents. It’s a good indication too of that message being sent and being received by the electorate.”

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