The Note’s Must-Reads for Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 2, 2010 3:06am

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The New York Daily News’ Kathleen Lucadamo: “President Obama leads the fight for Dems as Election Day looms Tuesday” President Obama on Saturday urged those who put him in power to vote for fellow Democrats on Election Day, declaring the fight for change incomplete. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Peter Wallsten and Jonathan Weisman: “Pressure Builds on Obama to Shake Up Inner Circle” Some high-level Democrats are calling for President Barack Obama to remake his inner circle or even fire top advisers in response to what many party strategists expect to be a decisive defeat on Tuesday. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Bryan Bender: “Results may shrink president’s agenda” President Obama will reduce the scope of his legislative ambitions if Republicans seize control of the House today as is widely predicted, jettisoning proposals to control greenhouse gases and overhaul immigration laws in favor of more modest efforts such as improving education and highways, according to lawmakers, former White House officials, and political analysts. LINK

ABC News’ Rick Klein: “DNC, RNC Spokesmen Set Expectations for Election Day” Other than, of course, the voting, it’s all about the expectations-setting now  – with the parties judged not just based on the raw numbers but how they fare against the collective conventional wisdom. LINK

ABC News’ Michael Falcone and Mary Bruce: “In Sarah Palin's War with Media, Potential GOP Rivals Have Her Back” Sarah Palin is in an escalating war of words with the media after the online publication Politico reported that the GOP establishment is coalescing around a common mission to stop the former Alaska governor from running for president in 2012. LINK

Politico’s Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin: “Spin cycle: What will top Dems say?” The polls aren’t even open yet, and countless contests are too close to call, but we already know what’s going to happen Wednesday morning.  The country’s top Democrats – President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and others – will take stock of the damage, then grudgingly make their way to the cameras and say. . .something. LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Mark Z. Barabak: “Both parties campaign to the finish line” Democrats fought Republicans on Saturday in a campaign battle that stretched coast to coast, pushing against an epic tide of anger, frustration and economic anxiety that could sweep the GOP to control of one and possibly both houses of Congress. LINK

The Washington Times’ Ben Conery: “Condit mum on question of affair with intern Levy” Former Rep. Gary A. Condit, the California Democrat whose political career was ruined in the wake of the disappearance of D.C. intern Chandra Levy, testified Monday that investigators in the case tried to railroad him. LINK

The Hill’s Sean J. Miller: “Harry Reid turns to 'closer' Obama in final bid to avoid election defeat” Down in the polls and written off by the pundits, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made one final pitch on Monday to save his job, telling a raucous crowd of 2,000 that he is far from finished in Washington. LINK

The New York Times’ Matt Bai: “Winners Tuesday May Benefit From Economic Cycle” The impact of the anti-incumbency wave of 2010 — if, in fact, it materializes in the way polls would indicate — will be judged in the next few days by the number of seats that change hands in Washington and in statehouses across the country. LINK

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz: “Democrats bracing for major losses” The campaign of 2010 ended as it began: loudly. But the nationwide barrage of last-ditch attack ads and the sniping among the country's political leaders appeared to have little effect on the dynamics of the year. Republicans enter Election Day confident that they will recapture control of the House as Democrats struggle to face what appears likely to be a significantly smaller majority in the Senate. LINK

Newsweek’s Ben Adler: “The GOP’s Marriage of Convenience” The Occidental Grill, a couple blocks from the White House, is the kind of place you would expect Washington insiders to dine. Step into the hallway and you are greeted by paintings of the current president and his predecessors. The food is classic upscale Washington: fancy without being creative or tasty. And this is where Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy organization led by former House majority leader Dick Armey, was eating lunch last week. LINK

USA Today’s Richard Wolf: “Hours before midterm vote, both sides vie for last word” State and local election officials braced for watershed midterm elections today that are likely to reinvigorate Republicans in Congress and force President Obama to refocus his ambitious agenda. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Brian C. Mooney: “Democrats mount broad ground effort” Staggered by the uprising that sent Republican Scott Brown to the US Senate in January, Massachusetts Democrats are unleashing a massive, aggressive, and potentially risky effort to get voters to the polls today.  LINK

Bloomberg’s Catherine Dodge and Lisa Lerer: “Republicans Approach Biggest House Midterm Win in Seven Decades” The Republicans are poised to retake the U.S. House and narrow Democrats’ margin in the Senate, delivering a rebuke to President Barack Obama’s party in a campaign shaped by voter anxiety over jobs and the economy. LINK

The Miami Herald: “Polls show Alex Sink, Rick Scott in virtual tie for governor” Two polls show Alex Sink leads Rick Scott by a percentage point. Scott likely has a lead in early voting because more Republicans turned out. LINK

The Denver Post’s John Ingold: “GOP’s edge in early voting in Colo. may or may not hold significance” Republicans will head into Election Day tomorrow with a significant advantage over Democrats in terms of ballots cast, according to figures released today by the Colorado secretary of state's office. Whether that spells success come Election Night, though, is an open question. LINK

ABC News: “Clinton as Raese: 'Vote for Me … Hicks'” Bill Clinton stumps for Joe Manchin giving "fact based" speech for John Raese. LINK

ABC News: “Michelle Obama Stumps For Harry Reid” The First Lady says it's not just about "putting one man in The White House." LINK

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