Vote 2010 Live Blog: ABC News Election Results and Coverage

By Nitya

Nov 2, 2010 3:40pm

1:48 – The lesson of these three straight "change" elections, per Ron Brownstein: "Don't unpack."

1:41 – Ron Brownstein points out that its hard for any party to win when they lost 60 percent of all whites as Democrats did tonight.

 1:40 – You’ll recall that at a town hall at The George Washington University on October 12th, President Obama praised three Democrats for being “courageous” by taking “tough votes,” even though it could lead to their congressional demise, mentioning Tom Perriello in VA, John Boccieri in Ohio and Betsy Markey in Colorado by name.

All three have lost their seats.
“Let me tell you something that I’ve been surprised about is how courageous a lot of members of Congress have been on some of the big, tough issues that we’ve worked on over the last 20 months,” Obama said in October, “But I also think that there have been a surprising number of folks who have been willing to stand up.  There’s a candidate in Virginia, Tom Perriello, who’s a great guy who has worked — he comes from — his is not a traditionally Democratic district.  But he’s just done what’s right.  And there have been times where he disagreed with me, and he criticized me, but he always did so from a place of principle. John Boccieri in Ohio, Betsy Markey in Colorado — I mean, there just have been some folks who really stood up, knowing that they might be putting their congressional careers at risk.”

-Sunlen Miller

1:38 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the midterm elections:

“Over the last four years, the Democratic Majority in the House took courageous action on behalf of America’s middle class to create jobs and save the country from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. 

 “Our Members and candidates ran remarkable campaigns led by the superb leadership of  DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen.   

“The outcome of the election does not diminish the work we have done for the American people.  We must all strive to find common ground to support the middle class, create jobs, reduce the deficit and move our nation forward.” – Jonathan Karl

1:20 – Write-in leads in Alaska. So… is Mur – Cow – Ski good enough for Murkowski? That race will go on for a while if these results we're getting from Neal Karlinsky in Alaska hold. – Z. Byron Wolf

12:55 – ABC projects that California voters will not legalize Marijuana. As Diane Sawyer just said, Cheech and Chong notwithstanding. But George Stephanopoulos points out – Marijuana may have saved Barbara Boxer's hide. – Z. Byron Wolf

12:41 – “Sharron Angle’s winning the primary gave this race to Harry Reid,” said Matthew Dowd, the former adviser to President George W. Bush on ABC's live network coverage. - Z. Byron Wolf

12:39 – Reid Wins! ABC projects that Reid will win, which everyone will just have to sit back and consider. This is a man who only once before got 50 percent of the vote. After being considered the most endangered Democrat, the Senate Majority Leader came from behind to win. - Z. Byron Wolf

12 Midnight – We're projecting this to be the biggest loss in a Midterm since 1938, when Democrats lost 71. Democrats gained 75 in 1948, but that was a Presidential election. – Z. Byron Wolf

11:54 – Independent and former Republican Lincoln Chaffee wins the Governorship in Rhode Island. He's the one guy who tells people to their face that he's going to raise their taxes to deal with budget woes. – Z. Byron Wolf

11:49 – ABC projects Pennsylvania for Toomey in a squeaker and Boxer over Fiorina in a more commanding fashion. – Z. Byron Wolf

11:45 – One thing you won't see Pelosi do: cry. Boehner crying tears of joy. – Z. Byron Wolf

11:44 – A number of long-serving Democratic House members have lost.

Paul Kanjorski, PA—25 years (1985)

John Spratt, SC-5 —27 years (1983)

Rick Boucher, VA-9 —- 27 years (1983) *AP and ABC project loss

Also Chet Edwards –  27 years (1983)

Ike Skelton, MO-4 — 33 years (1977)

Earl Pomeroy – ND – 17 years (1993)
-Z. Byron Wolf

11:43 – There are a lot of races in the Midwest and West still outstanding and a number of them in the East, but so far….

-Over 30 percent of the Democrats running this year who were part of the 2008 freshman class have LOST, including Alan Grayson, D-Fla., John Boccieri, D-Ohio and Tom Perriello, D-Va.

-Roughly 32 percent of Democrats running this year who are part of the moderate Blue Dog coalition have LOST, including Baron Hill of Indiana, Zack Space of Ohio, Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania and Glenn Nye of Virginia.

-Michael Falcone

10:44 – So far ABC has projected 23 pickups in the House for Republicans and 2 for Democrats. Joseph Cao is gone in Louisiana. – Z. Byron Wolf

10:38 – ABC's Christiane Amanpour and Cindy Smith report from Linda McMahon HQ in Connecticut: To a small crowd of a couple hundred people McMahon, whose personal fortune made that race the most expensive Senate race this year, thanked friends, family and supporters. She said she called the winner in her race, Democratic State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and told him it was a good race - to boo’s from the crowd. McMahon said no, they have to support new leadership because if they succeed "we succeed."

"As for as I’m concerned tonight was a victory," said McMahon, adding, "I’m not going to fade into the woodwork you’re probably going to see me around.

McMahon said she was proud of the race; "We made Washington listen."

10:32 – ABC has projected that Republican Gov. John Hoeven has won the race for US Senate in North Dakota. He will replace Democrat Byron Dorgan, who did not seek reelection. 3 down. (It'll be a stretch for Republicans to take the Senate).

10:17 -Republicans have their first African American Congressman since JC Watts left the House in 2003. Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina was recently profiled by ABC's Ron Claiborne. Watch that HERE.

Also keep an eye out for Allen West in FL-22 and Ryan Frazier is running in CO-7. – Z. Byron Wolf

10:10 – Political Director Amy Walter points out that nearly every Democratic loss has come in a district won by McCain. All but Rep. Glenn Nye from Virginia, where Obama won narrowly. She also points out that opposing Health Reform did not help people like Nye or others who voted against Democrats major initiative. It didn't help people like Tom Periello either. – Z. Byron Wolf

10:07 – Jon Karl says Pelosi could stay as speaker if Republicans take over by a slim margin – 3 or four seats. Anything longer and he reports its unlikely she would stay long in Congresss. – Z. Byron Wolf

10:04 – Ron Brownstein points out that since 1968, no party has been able to maintain unified control of the government – House, Senate and Presidency – for more than four years. That's a good stat for people who prefer divided government. – Z. Byron Wolf

9:56 – ABC projects that Republicans will take control of the House. Diane Sawyer – Nancy Pelosi will not be a footnote in history despite her short tenure. That's for sure. Health Reform, Stimulus, Financial Reform. A legislative success and a political failure after four years.

9:55 – Remember when Time Magazine called Republicans an endangered species and Mitch McConnell, then the top Republican in all the land, said Republicans were in danger of becoming a regional party? that was less than two years ago. Read that speech from 2009 here. – Z. Byron Wolf

9:35 – Maybe Rand Paul can help Bachmann teach Constitution classes next year. At his victory party he calls tonight a "tea party tidal wave." – Z. Byron Wolf

9:32 – House Tea Party Caucus Founder Michelle Bachmann to Rick Klein on ABC News Now: "Will the president take a lesson away from tonight? This is a profound repudiation of his policies." She promises to teach weekly "Constitution Classes" in the House next year. – Z. Byron Wolf

9:27 – ABC projects that Roy Blunt will win the Senate race in Missouri. Democrats had high hopes for Carnahan, part of the dominant Democratic political family there. But Blunt is part of a political family too. Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has got to be reading these results with great care. She's up in 2012.

9:11 – Mary Fallin, the Republican running for Governor in Oklahoma, suggested she was more qualified than her Democratic opponent because she was a mom and her opponent, also a woman, was not. The voters of Oklahoma apparently agreed.

9:08 – Democrats had held out hope that Bill White could close the gap with TX Gov. Rick Perry. No luck. ABC Projects for Perry. – Z. Byron Wolf

9:03 – On the Guv front – Cuomo defeats Paladino. The only safe incumbent Democratic Governor in a conservative state, Mike Beebe in Arkansas, is projected to win. Republicans win open seats from Democrats in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kansas and Michigan. – Z. Byron Wolf

9pm – Rep. Alan Grayson, who called his opponent "Taliban Dan," has lost by double digits. There is another Daniel Webster in the Congress. Who's the Devil? – Z. Byron Wolf

8:53 – George Stephanopoulos' Indiana bellwether has flown. Baron Hill is projected to lose in Indiana. The House is, accordingly, sure to flip. Says Amy Walter: You can ring my bellwether.

8:39 – Its a tale of two houses for Democrats. Things look good in the Senate, where Richard Blumenthal is projected to win. But in the House, Tom Periello, who got that last-minute rally from President Obama for his loyal vote on health reform, has lost. We also project that long-time Rep. Rick Boucher loses in Virginia. – Z. Byron Wolf

8:37 – A sigh of relief for Democrats watching the Senate races. Joe Manchin, the popular Democratic Governor, who actually took a shotgun and put a bullet in the House Cap and Trade bill, is projected to easily defeat Businessman (and part time Floridian) John Raese. – Z. Byron Wolf

8:35 – The first of George Stephanopoulos' three Indiana bellwether districts is called for the Republican. This was the open seat vacated by Brad Ellsworth, who lost his Senate bid. In 8 was rated lean Republican by ABC's Amy Walter before election day. – Z. Byron Wolf

8:32 – Blanche Lincoln goes down, according to our projection. That's a pickup of two for Republicans (along with the open seat in Indiana) in the Senate so far. 8 to go. – Z. Byron Wolf

8:28 – Republicans have picked up two new House seats, according to our ABC projections. Rick Boucher is out in VA after being in office since 1983. And Susan Kosmas, a freshman, is out in Florida. 38 to go. – Z. Byron Wolf

8:19 – In Virginia, two Democrats in ABC's lean Democratic column, Glen Nye and Rick Boucher, are well behind. Returns are coming slow for Nye, but 65 percent is in for Boucher and he is down 8 percent. Neither voted for health reform. No Democrats in competitive races in Virginia are currently ahead.

8:02 – ABC has projected Florida for Rubio in a landslide and New Hampshire for Palin-endorsed Kelly Ayotte. She was running against House Class of 2006 Dem Paul Hodes. And in the obvious department, Alabama for Shelby, and Maryland for Mikulski. Easier to spell Mikulski or Murkowski? – Z. Byron Wolf

7:56 – AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka told ABC's Rick Klein that Obama "took his eye off the ball." Watch Live at – Z. Byron Wolf

7:47 – Some good news for Democrats in Kentucky. Class of 2006er John Yarmuth has been projected as the winner in Kentucky 3. But the bad news for Democrats is that all three competitive Indiana Democrats remain behind. Periello now down by 10 percent with 44 percent reporting. – Z. Byron Wolf

7:43 – ABC projects that Jim DeMint will win in South Carolina, defeating Alvin Greene and Rob Portman will win in Ohio.

7:34 – The only House member that President Obama specifically campaigned for is Tom Periello in Virginia. Periello voted for almost every major Democratic initiative despite his conservative district. And he ran on the stimulus (not so much on health care).  He's up by two percent with about ten percent of the vote in. Read more about Periello here. – Z. Byron Wolf

7:22 – While you're waiting for more results, take a gander at our new interactive: "Are you Democrat or Republican?" It'll blow your mind. CLICK HERE - Z. Byron Wolf

7:20 – Dems get a victory. Vermont is called for incumbent Judiciary Committee Chairman (for how long?) and Deadhead Patrick Leahy. – Z. Byron Wolf

7:06 – The first state results are coming in and right off the bat ABC projects Indiana Senate and Kentucky Senate for Republicans – Dan Coats and Rand Paul. – Z. Byron Wolf

What to watch for? George Stephanopoulos said today that if Democrats lose two or more of their three competitive Indiana Senate races, they'll lose the house. None of those have been called, but Democrats are behind in all three. Bellwether?

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