Biden Says Jobs Report is ‘Disappointing’

By Jared

Dec 3, 2010 1:38pm

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: Vice President Joe Biden today called the latest jobs report released today disappointing. “There's no denying that the report is disappointing,” Biden said from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, “because we were, quite frankly, hoping for even stronger job growth.” November hiring rose by much less than the 150,000 jobs economists were expecting. The unemployment rate was forecast to hold steady from October's 9.6 percent, but instead it increased to 9.8 percent. The Vice President said that the bottom line is that the report shows there has clearly not been enough economic progress. “There is too much pain out there. There's still millions of people out of work and trying to make do with — without a paycheck and without the dignity or the respect that goes with a job.” Speaking with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, budget director Jack Lew and economic aide Jared Bernstein by his side the vice president made another pitch for Congress to make the middle-class tax cuts permanent, in light of this report. “To me, it's unthinkable that we would continue the uncertainty in the job market, that we would risk letting — we'd risk letting these middle-class tax credits falter,” Biden said, “It would be — have a significant economic impact. Our recovery is under way, but it's fragile. It's too slow, especially for the American middle class, and Congress needs to act now — again, before they leave town — to make sure taxes do not go up for middle-class Americans. They can't afford it, but the economy cannot afford it either. ” Even amid the tax cut negotiations still taking place, the Vice President urged the Senate to join the House in voting on the bill passed yesterday in the House. “There's nothing we do for our economy that's more immediate and more important than ensuring that these tax cuts remain in place,” Biden said, “The consequences of letting this aid lapse are, quite frankly, dire.” The Vice President also made a big for congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits, another top priority the administration wants to get done during the lame-ducks session of Congress. “Extending that support to those hardest hit by this crisis is not only the right thing to do — not only the right thing to do, which we always have done in similar circumstances — it is economically necessary for us to do it,” Biden said, “you can't let it be cut off for these families, again, not only at a time when they need it but when the nation needs this money being spent and the economy generating new jobs. ” –Sunlen Miller 

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