Rep. Steve King: Lame Duck a ‘Pie in the Face of the American People’

By Cullen Dirner

Dec 21, 2010 4:59pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The anything-but-lame lame-duck Congress has drawn a fierce reaction from some Republicans on Capitol Hill, who claim that the burst of legislative action runs counter to the will of the American people. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, told us on ABC’s “Top Line” that Republicans should vow to never pass such consequential legislation in the period between an election and the start of a new Congress. “It’s unbelievable.  It's unprecedented,” King told us. “American voters [said] that they've had enough of the 111th Congress, that they wanted to shut it down on November the 2nd.  Still Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi march on throwing another pie in the face of the American people — driving in an agenda that's not supported by the American people.” “I just think it's disingenuous, and it's the wrong thing for the American people,” King added. “Republicans should remember this, too.” King also said Republicans should repeal the Obama health care bill as their first major act, and should give such a move the honorary label as being the first bill filed. “I think that should be HR 1. I think that should be addressed. I think the repeal of Obamacare needs to be HR 1 — a clear stand-alone 100 percent repeal without an equivocation, without any marginal things at all. Repeal it all, pull it all out by the roots — lock stock and barrel, so that there's not a vestige of it left behind.” And King dismissed – for the most part – speculation that he may try to run for president in 2012. “I have said that I'm short only two things — that is a calling and groundswell. So if those two things emerge, then I’m in it 100 percent.” Watch the full interview with Rep. Steve King HERE: We also ran through the political implications of the 2010 Census results with Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report. The numbers will define the playing field, but the real action will be in redistricting battles across the country in 2011. Watch the segment with Dave Wasserman HERE:

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