White House Response to Gitmo “Recidivism” — Another Q for O’s WH – 12/8/2010

By Cullen Dirner

Dec 8, 2010 5:14pm

TAPPER:  I just wanted to ask about the report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that came out, I believe, yesterday  — it was sometime this week — stating that it's the judgment of the intelligence community that five detainees released or transferred from Guantanamo under President Obama, under this new revised system — two of them are confirmed returned to terrorism.  Three of them are suspected.

And I'm wondering if this is causing — since this new system has  — requires the unanimous vote of all the members of this group, I'm wondering if this is causing anyone in the administration to think that maybe this revised system isn't good enough.  I know that it's a smaller number than happened under Bush, and I know that you never said that it wouldn't happen, but I'm wondering if there are now going to be any changes in the procedure.

GIBBS:  Well, I would first and foremost refer you to the comment that we put out and the comments from DNI.

TAPPER: They didn't address that, though, if there would be revisions.

GIBBS:  Right.  Look, I think that we will certainly continue, based on all sorts of information coming from all over the world in order to make determinations about the likelihood that some are more susceptible to — upon leaving Guantanamo Bay, whether they're more susceptible to returning to terrorism.  I have no doubt that they will continue — to continue to evaluate that.

Obviously — and I have not read the full report, but you know, in a number of these — in some cases — and I don't — again, I'm not — I don't want to take these five; I don't know the exact reasoning
behind — I — go back and look at the report. But you know, in many cases — in some cases, some of the transfers have been — some of the transfers are required by law because there is not either sufficient evidence with which to charge individuals and there's not sufficient reason to continue to hold them.

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