Biden v. 3 year-old: VP Charms Senator’s Son

Jan 5, 2011 6:42pm

ABC News’ Matthew Jaffe reports:

One of the fun parts about the start of a new Congress is that lawmakers get to bring their families to work to see them sworn in as members of Congress.

And that makes moments like this possible.

After Vice President Biden had administered the ceremonial swearing-in of Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden today, Wyden’s three-year old son William snagged the script out of Biden’s hand.


“Okay let’s call it a day,” said Sen. Wyden, clearly sensing that it was now time to go.

“I need to borrow that back, William,” Biden said playfully to the boy. “Give me, give me, give me.”

But William was having none of it. He evaded an attempt by Biden to take back the script and scampered away.

“William won't give that back to me,” said the bemused vice president.

And so – with no other options – Biden put his deal-making skills to use.

“Hey I'll trade you,” he said, “I'll make a bet with you.”

“Here’s the deal. You see this?” Biden said, showing the boy a mint. “You tell me which hand it's in, you can have it. Which hand?"

Biden put out his two hands for William to pick from, but when William picked one, the vice president pulled the old bait and switch on him – quickly snatching back the script and giving William a mint in return.

The deal left both parties content – Biden with his script and William with his mint.

“What you saw were two charmers in action,” Sen. Wyden joked to ABC News afterwards. “Both of these two are pretty good at the charm game.”

Sen. Wyden said his son – who has a twin named Ava Rose who is 40 seconds older and known in the family as “the senior sibling” – had been enjoying himself on Capitol Hill all day long. Earlier in the day William had made friends in the Capitol dining room as he complimented people on their ties.

“He’s only worn a tie like twice in his life,” Sen. Wyden said.

So was William happy about his deal with the veep?

“He has a sweet tooth much like his papa so he was fairly happy,” said the senator.

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