Today’s Q’s for O’s WH

By Eliza

Jan 27, 2011 5:14pm

MILLER: Robert, on the new color-coded terror alert system, is the President confident that the new system will be able to communicate to Americans appropriately and effectively? 

ROBERT GIBBS:  It’s designed to try to take some of the uncertainty and confusion out of — and you’ve seen this from both Democrats and Republicans agree that while there might have — while there was some utility to this at the beginning, it has caused some confusion.  And the Secretary — Secretary Napolitano is going to speak on this very shortly at George Washington, and I would point you to that.

MILLER: On the jobs front, the CBO projected this week that the unemployment rate at the fourth quarter of 2012 will still be 8.2 percent.  Obviously with the reelection campaign coming soon, does the President feel like the message of “it could have been worse” will resonate with voters?

ROBERT GIBBS: Well, I can assure you that what the President is — the President is not focused on what — is not focused today on what the unemployment rate will be in the fourth quarter of 2012.  He’s focused on what the unemployment rate is in the first quarter of 2011.  And I think that’s what animated his decisions in the tax agreement in December, again, a payroll tax cut which analysts have said will increase economic growth and job creation, tax incentives — and we saw some of this yesterday in Manitowoc — that allow companies to accelerate the expensing of investments, which we and others believe will help businesses expand and we hope hire more people. So I don’t think people here are flipping through to the fourth quarter.  We’re focused on today and tomorrow.

MILLER: One other — Nelson Mandela is in the hospital.  Has the President been briefed on his condition and reached out to anyone in the family?

GIBBS:  The President, to my knowledge, has not spoken with anybody.  We’ve seen the reports that he’s in the hospital.  Obviously the President and the First Lady, their thoughts are with Nelson Mandela.  And we will try to keep up to date on his prognosis.

-Sunlen Miller

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