Hillary Clinton on Harper’s Bazaar Photo Shoot

Feb 20, 2011 10:51am

ABC News' Ryan Creed Reports:

ABC News colleague Christiane Amanpour asked United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on ‘This Week’ about the uprisings in the Middle East, and, on a lighter note, about her feature in Harper’s Bazaar this month.

“I wanted to ask you this because it's an in depth interview that you've done in Bazaar; it's a beautiful layout. I'm struck by the imagery, though. You are there, beautiful but in a corner,” Amanpour begin, referring to this image.

“You know, I just do what photographers tell me to do. There's no metaphorical meaning for me,” laughed Clinton.

“I wanted to ask you," Amanpour responded, "do you feel in a corner right now or on a tight rope trying to balance the need for stability in these countries where you have allies and interests? And your values wanting democracy in all the human rights for the people there. Is that a struggle?” 

“Well, I think it is a challenge. And it is a challenge not only at this point of time in the Middle East, it is an inherent challenge in diplomacy in America's efforts in the world,” said Clinton.

“We want to advance our security, our values and our interests. And if there were one template that could be imposed on every situation, I wouldn't need to have this job and nobody else would have to either.”

In the Harper’s profile, Clinton discusses both her role as Secretary of State but also the personal details of her love for a pink Ferragamo handbag and watching the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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