How Long Will U.S. Forces be Involved in Libya? White House Says Nobody Knows

By Evan Harris

Mar 27, 2011 8:41am

The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for almost ten years, at war in Iraq for almost eight years and at war in Libya for nine days.

On “This Week,” ABC News’ Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper asked Secretary of Defense Gates how much longer we might be there.

“Some NATO officials say this could be three months, but people in the Pentagon think it could be far longer than that.  Do you think we’ll be gone by the end of the year?  Will the mission be over by the end of the year?” Tapper asked

“I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that,” Gates said.

In remarks on Tuesday, President Obama reiterated his message that Libya would be a short military engagement.

“I said at the outset that this was going to be a matter of days and not weeks,” the President said at an appearance with the President of El Salvador. “And there’s nothing based on how we’ve been able to execute over the last several days that changes that assessment.”

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