Predicting One Additional CR Necessary, Obama Says Anymore Just “Defies Common Sense”

By Kristina

Mar 11, 2011 3:25pm

ABC New's Sunlen Miller reports: 

President Obama said today he doesn’t believe they will be able to fully resolve the budget debates by next week’s March 18th deadline so one more continuing resolution will likely be needed.

“I think, neither Democrats or Republicans were in the mood to compromise until their hundred percent maximal position was voted down in the Senate, we've probably lost some time,” Obama said during a press conference in the South Court Auditorium today “And we may not be able to fully resolve this and meet next week's deadline for the continuing resolution, which means that there may be potentially one more short-term extension.”

But that’s it, he said.

“We can't keep on running the government based on two-week extensions. That's irresponsible. I mean, we — you know, we've got a war in Afghanistan, we've got a wide range of issues facing the country on a day-to-day basis, and the notion that we can't get resolved last year's budget in a sensible way with serious but prudent spending cuts, I think, defies common sense. “

The president said that it is his expectation that both sides should be able to get this done.

“It shouldn’t be that complicated,” Obama quipped.

Obama singled out House Republicans and said there are certain things that he will not accept in what they’re offering.

“The reason I won't accept them is not because I don't think we've got to cut the budget.

We do,” Obama said, “But we can't stop investing in our people, we can't stop investing in research and development, we can't stop investing in infrastructure — those things that are going to make us competitive over the long term.”


The president also added in another hit, noting that the Republican budget that passed out of the House included a whole range of what riders – political statements, not budget items.

“I’ve said, again, directly to Speaker Boehner, that we're happy to discuss any of these riders, but my general view is let's not try to sneak political agendas into a budget debate. You know, if Republicans are interested in social issues that they want to promote, they should put a bill on the floor of the House and promote it, have an up-or-down vote, send it over to the Senate. But don't try to use the budget as a way to promote a political or ideological agenda.”

-Sunlen Miller

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