Sarah Palin On 2012: “You Run the Race To Win The Race”

Mar 7, 2011 10:54am

ABC News' Mary Bruce reports: 

Continuing the “will she or won’t she” speculation about a possible 2012 presidential run, Sarah Palin told the BBC this weekend that she has not decided if she will run for the White House but that “you run the race to win the race. That's for sure."

As the field of 2012 GOP candidates narrows, Palin seems no closer to making a decision. On Friday the 2008 vice presidential nominee told Fox Business Network that she is still “months away” from a decision.

“I still think it’s months away before people need to be lining up and making announcements as to what to do. In the meantime, you know, I’m gonna keep chiming in on the issues that are important in this day,” she said.

Unlike fellow Fox contributors Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, whose contracts with Fox were put on hold last week because they are openly flirting with a 2012 run, Palin remains on the Fox payroll, for now.

Palin told the BBC that in making her decision she is considering “will the American electorate be ready for someone a bit unconventional in terms of a candidate, who will call it likes she sees it and who will not be beholden to special interests or such obsessive partisanship as to let the political machine get in the way. Just doing what’s right for voters.”

The former Alaska governor also made clear that money was a definite factor in her decision. "Obama has already said, you know, he’s going to rake in and spend a billion dollars on this race, money is certainly going to be a consideration,” she told the BBC. 

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