Boehner Adviser David Winston: Dem ‘Gimmicks’ on Medicare will Backfire

Apr 21, 2011 2:46pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:

Talk of cutting Medicare has already spilled into 2012 congressional campaigns, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launching scathing Web advertisements against some 25 GOP members of Congress, accusing them of seeking to force senior citizens into getting new jobs to pay for health care.

On ABC’s “Top Line” today, Republican pollster and strategist David Winston – a top adviser to House Speaker John Boehner – told us that such messaging won’t work in an election cycle where voters know that tough choices on spending are critical.

“People see through this,” Winston said. “That’s just a political gimmick. They want some real substance discussed here, and they want to hear some real policy debates — not sort of trite political advertising.”

Winston said President Obama has chosen to respond to House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s proposals with a “pretty highly partisan” approach.

“It is the classic opening up Pandora’s Box, and everybody gets nervous. And sure they hear promises –but you know the proof is in the final details,” Winston said. “But having said that, I think you’re also looking at American public as being a lot more realistic about where we’re at.”

Ryan’s proposals are being misconstrued by Democrats, he said: “Paul Ryan was very careful about was this idea of throwing granny out on the street. Paul Ryan was very careful to say that nobody 55 and over would have their benefits touched at all.”

Winston added that Boehner has led his caucus to mostly positive reviews because he uses an “open process” that gives his colleagues the sense that their voice is being heard in the process.

Watch the full interview with David Winston HERE.

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