Take Your Daughter, and Son, To Work Day at The White House

By Kristina

Apr 28, 2011 5:40pm

ABC News Sunlen Miller reports:

First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed the children of Executive Office employees at the White House today to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”

Mrs. Obama thanked the children for their patience, as their parents pull long hours at the White House. She said Malia and Sasha Obama can relate to the frustration.

“They’re working hard for the President and they’re working hard for the country, and I know that sometimes that means that you guys don’t get to do everything you want to do with your parents.” Mrs. Obama said, “Malia and Sasha are the same way.  When you have parents who are working for service, sometimes you guys sacrifice, right?  Sometimes they miss your games, right?  Sometimes they can’t help you with that project because they’ve got a meeting.  Sometimes they miss a birthday because they had to travel, right?”

Mrs. Obama said that their parents are working at the White House to “help make life better for you and for millions of other kids not just here in the United States but around the country.”

A humorous “Question and Answer” session then ensued — especially when a few kids weren’t exactly clear what it is exactly that their parents do for work.

Ten-year-old Cynthia informed the First Lady that her mom works for the “Science and Technology thingy.”

“We value her service at the thingy,” Mrs. Obama said back.

Eight-year-old Daniel said his dad is the head of European Affairs…”I think,” he added unsure of himself.

There were “hard-hitting” questions, such as “what is your favorite color” (lavender), and “what is your favorite thing to do in the White House” (bedtime conversations with her two girls).

There were also the questions that solicited something thoughtful. Such as when asked just how shocked she was when her husband was elected president and Mrs. Obama revealed that she’s looking forward to the first woman president.

“I'll be excited when a woman becomes President of the United States,” Mrs. Obama replied, “ And that's going to happen one day, as well.  And that will be exciting and shocking for the very same reasons.”


Mrs. Obama was asked about the disadvantages of being First Lady.

“Before we lived here, we were normal people,” she said, “I had a job, I drove my own car, I took my kids to school every day.  I went to Target and shopped for my groceries.  And, you know, that may sound like minor things, but once you can’t do any of that ever again, you start feeling like, well, this is a little strange.  So sometimes it becomes difficult to live in what we call a bubble.”

Mrs. Obama said the upside though to being First Lady is much better.

-Sunlen Miller

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