Donald Trump and The Biggest Unanswered Birther Question

By Nick Gass

Apr 29, 2011 5:23pm

ABC News' John Berman reports:

There is a big gaping question still not answered in the whole birther controversy; a question with major implications for a possible Presidential aspirant.  The question is, what is Donald Trump hiding?

You’ll remember, in the frenzied weeks of his media tour questioning the already proven facts of the President’s birthplace, Mr. Trump made some eye-raising claims.  He said he had investigators on the ground in Hawaii looking for the President’s birth certificate, and not only that, they were finding “amazing things.”  He told MSNBC: “I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding.” 

Then, he went further, telling CNN: “ I've been told very recently… that the birth certificate is missing."  On national television, Trump said "I've been told that it's not there or it doesn't exist.”

Given that the President released his birth certificate, it clearly does exist.  At a minimum, this existence seems to call into question the credibility of Mr. Trump’s sources, if not their actual existence. 

Remember, these were the investigators Trump allegedly had on the ground in Hawaii who “could not believe what they’re finding.” 

Given that the President’s birth certificate proves (again) that he was born in Hawaii, what did these investigators find that they couldn’t believe?

These questions were put to Mr. Trump in New Hampshire on Wednesday.  What were the investigators finding?  One time he responded, “I got him to give his birth certificate.  No one else did, and most of the press is congratulating me.”

And at his news conference, he was asked directly, “Were you making this up?  Where does this information come from?”

His answer?  “No, what I think you are going to see,  first we have to look at the certificate, but I am really happy that this has finally taken place. Because we have some major issues that are unbelievably important.”

When told by this reporter that he did not answer the question, his response was: “I think I did, I did.  I did answer the question.”

Later, Daily Show host Jon Stewart observed, “He asked the question and [Trump] said some words.”

In this case “some words” are not an answer.  Donald Trump wants to be considered a serious Presidential contender.  Or at least he wants to appear like he is thinking about being a serious Presidential contender.  And in a perfect world, Presidential contenders are held accountable for what they say. 

Of course, the records of his alleged investigation in Hawaii could put all this to rest.  But Trump does not seem willing to release them.

For weeks, people have been questioning his motivations for raising the “birther” issue.  Now, it seems fair to at least question his facts, and perhaps his honesty. 

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