The Note’s Must-Reads for Friday, April 29, 2011

By Jayson

Apr 29, 2011 3:00am

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Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates and Desk Assistants Jayce Henderson, Claudia Morales, Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda VanAllen

ABC News’ Jake Tapper, Sunlen Miller and Z. Byron Wolf: “Obama Offers Support to Tornado Victims, Headed to Alabama Friday” President Obama said the federal government will do everything it can to help those affected by devastating tornadoes that ravaged parts of the South Wednesday, killing nearly 300 and leading to a state of emergency in Alabama. Speaking at the White House, the president noted the loss of life and expressed condolences. LINK

The Hills’ Sam Youngman: “White House Flips into Disaster Mode After Alabama Tornadoes” President Obama and his aides snapped into disaster response mode Wednesday after tornadoes ripped through the South, killing at least 280 people. Obama and his staff have moved quickly since storms devastated Alabama and several other states, mobilizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and arranging for a presidential visit to Alabama on Friday. LINK

The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson: “Obama officially announces his senior national security nominees” President Obama officially announced Thursday the shuffling of his senior national security team, naming a quartet of diplomatic, intelligence and defense officials to help manage the final stage of two wars, a tumultuous Middle East and a politically charged debate over the federal budget that will touch all agencies. LINK

The Washington Time’s Patrice Hill: “High gas, good costs grind back growth” Growth in the U.S. economy slowed sharply to a 1.8 percent pace in the winter quarter from 3.1 percent at the end of last year as budget cuts at all levels of government and a surge in oil prices weighed on the economy, the Commerce Department reported Thursday. LINK

The Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten: “Debt ceiling: More Democrats threaten to vote against raising borrowing limit” A growing number of Democrats are threatening to defy the White House over the national debt, joining Republican calls for deficit cuts as a requirement for consenting to lift the country’s borrowing limit. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Travis Andersen: “Immigration program comes under fire” Critics of a program that will allow federal authorities to check the immigration status of all criminal suspects in Massachusetts clashed here last night with a smaller number of supporters of the initiative. The program, called Secure Communities, is active on a pilot basis in Boston and is scheduled to be implemented nationwide in 2013. LINK

LA Times’ Jean Merl: “Jane Harman's 36th District Seat Attracts a Crowded Field Volunteers are knocking on doors and working the phones, and the campaign brochures are landing in mailboxes with increasing regularity. Mail-in ballots are available this week, and a couple of dark-horse candidates have shown they have money to spend. The crowded May 17 election to succeed Jane Harman in Congress has entered a new phase. LINK

The New York Times’ Jennifer Steinhauer: “Conservative Congressman’s Star Power Extends Beyond Florida District” Often, the most interesting thing about a person is the characteristic that lies beneath, that hidden thing that bobs up along the waves of time. LINK

Politico’s Kenneth P. Vogel: “George Soros considers his options”  For Democrats hoping George Soros will write an eight-figure check to boost their 2012 efforts, conservatives seeking to use Soros as a bogeyman to rally their base and market analysts trying to predict his next play, a top Soros aide has some advice: Read Karl Popper. The 20th century Austrian philosopher’s theory that ultimate truth is unattainable undergirds Soros’s ideology, “to the extent that he has one,” said Michael Vachon. LINK

USA Today’s Gregory Korte: “Ryan draws national attention at town halls” At the last of four events on Rep. Paul Ryan's "listening tour" of his district Thursday, he called on a man in the front row of a high school auditorium, then instantly recognized him. LINK

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