The Note’s Must-Reads for Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

By Jayson

Apr 12, 2011 4:37am

The Note's Must-Reads are a round-up of today's political headlines and stories from ABC News and the top U.S. newspapers. Posted Monday through Friday at

Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates and Desk Assistants Claudia Morales, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jayce Henderson and Ben Waldron

The Wall Street Journal’s Damian Paletta and Carol E. Lee: “President Open to Deal on Debt Cap” White House officials have opened the door to a deal with Republicans that would allow the U.S. to increase its ability to borrow, potentially easing worries in financial markets that the country might default on its debt. LINK

The Washington Post’s Lori Montgomery and Zachary Goldfarb: “Obama turns to his bipartisan deficit commission’s blueprint for reducing debt” President Obama plans this week to respond to a Republican blueprint for tackling the soaring national debt by promoting a bipartisan approach pioneered by an independent presidential commission rather than introducing his own detailed plan. LINK

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “$38 Billion in cuts in budget deal will cover various domestic areas” More than half of the $38 billion in spending cuts that lawmakers agreed to last week in the 2011 budget compromise that averted a government shutdown would hit education, labor and health programs. LINK

The LA Times’ Peter Nicholas, Christi Parsons and James Oliphant: “Obama to draw sharp contrast with GOP over deficit.”  President Obama will call for shrinking the nation's long-term deficits by raising taxes on wealthier Americans and requiring them to pay more into Social Security, drawing a barbed contrast with a Republican plan to save money by deeply slashing Medicare, Medicaid and other domestic spending. Obama will offer some spending cuts, including trims to the Pentagon's budget, but his speech Wednesday is likely to provide Americans with a vivid choice between higher taxes or fewer benefits, issues that will color the national debate straight through the 2012 election. LINK

Politico’s David Rogers “Budget deal isn’t all about cuts” Racing the clock yet again, House Republicans rolled out a six-month spending bill late Monday night, filling in the blanks of where last week’s budget pact cut — and didn’t – and what it cost each side to avert a government shutdown. The White House must absorb real reductions in spending — a major reversal for President Barack Obama. The Environmental Protection Agency would be cut about $1.6 billion below 2010’s funding. LINK

The Washington Time’s Seth McLaughlin: “Post-Tucson civility swamped by budget warfare” Just three months after President Obama’s plea for civility after the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., it’s back to business in Washington, where some lawmakers have returned to heated policy debates, verbal haymakers and accusing one another of wanting to kill Americans. LINK

The New York Times’ Carl Hulse and Jeff Zeleny: “G.O.P. Plan for Medicare Could Shape 2012 Races” Just four months into their new majority, House Republicans face a potentially defining Medicare vote this week that is sure to become a centerpiece of Democratic efforts to recapture the House in 2012 and spill into the presidential and Senate campaigns as well. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser: “Romney takes next big step toward run for President” Mitt Romney said yesterday he is forming a committee to explore another run for the presidency, a crucial step that allows him to raise money for a bid he has been preparing for almost since he lost the 2008 Republican nomination. With little fanfare for the much-expected move, the former Massachusetts governor revealed the decision in an understated video posted on a website and on his Facebook page. LINK

USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich: “GOP hopefuls quietly line up endorsements” Sen. Jim DeMint's schedule has become increasingly peppered with names of potential Republican presidential contenders during the last few months, all ultimately seeking one thing: his endorsement. LINK

The NY Dailynews’ Larry Mcshane, Erin Einhorn and Lukas I. Alpert Hill’s Jason Millman: “Donald Trump: White House 'sideshow' diss proves Obama sees me as threat in 2012”  Despite what everyone is saying, Donald Trump insists he isn't clowning around. After being dismissed by the White House as a "sideshow" circus freak, Trump said Monday the comments are proof positive that President Obama views him as a real threat in 2012. "I have obviously touched a nerve. They don't talk about any other candidate. I know for a fact they're very concerned with me," Trump told The Daily News. LINK

The Hill’s Michael O’Brien: “Romney launches 2012 presidential committee; first step toward bid”  Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) filed the paperwork for a presidential exploratory committee Monday, making the long-anticipated first step toward a 2012 bid. The timing of the announcement also provided him the opportunity to suck some air from the Democrats, who were using Tuesday’s anniversary of Massachusetts’ healthcare law to remind voters that Romney signed the bill into law. LINK

ABC News’ Ariane de Vogue “Arizona Immigration Law: Enforcement Blocked by Circuit Court” A federal appeals court today blocked the enforcement of key provisions of Arizona's immigration law, considered one of the toughest in the nation. A central provision of the law requires police officers to ask for immigration papers if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person they have stopped, detained or arrested is in the country illegally. LINK

Borrowing Limit: Next DC Battle?LINK

President Obama surprises eighth grade class on trip to the White House.LINK

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