Dem Rep. Courtney: Medicare Push ‘Disqualifies’ Republicans from Governing

By Cullen Dirner

May 13, 2011 4:59pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein (@rickklein) reports: Democrats have been on the attack since Republicans passed a budget that included a major restructuring of Medicare, with some predicting that this issue will help return them to the majority in the House next year.

On ABC’s “Top Line” today, Rep. Joe Courtney, D-Conn., said the GOP efforts on Medicare will backfire on Republicans.

Asked if the Democrats will take back the House because of it, Courtney answered:

“We should – [it’s] a provision that is so out of sync with the needs of families,” Courtney said. “Every family can run the numbers and see this. It's something that really disqualifies them as a governing majority.”

The health care issue that harmed Democrats politically last year will be “neutralized” as people see positive impacts of the new law. He cited an insurance company in his home state, Aetna, applying for a rare decrease in insurance premiums.

“If they try to play that one-trick pony again, I think leading into 2012 the fact of the matter is that people don't want to have insurance rates set with no provision for consumer protection, and patient protection,” Courtney said. “These are things that families and businesses are feeling with each passing day.  I do think it's going to build up a momentum that that issue will probably be neutralized going into 2012 election.”

Courtney today viewed the photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse, and said he agrees with the president’s decision not to release them.

“There is no question in my mind that the events transpired as they described it,” he said. “I think their decision is the right one. I don't think living in the world that we're in right now, creating the potential for sympathizers — worship, idol worship, I think is something that the government shouldn’t enable. I think the decision that was made was the right one.”

Watch the interview with Rep. Joe Courtney HERE:

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