Carville on ‘Stunning’ Schwarzenegger Revelations and Trump ‘Foolishness’

By Kate McCarthy

May 17, 2011 8:04am

It was a “Shakespearean” broadcast this morning on “GMA,” according to James Carville, going from the “tragedy” of the Schwarzenegger split to the “comedy” of a Donald Trump drop out.

Carville was amazed the former governor ran for public office in the first place knowing he had fathered a child with another woman.

“It is pretty stunning…He put himself out there knowing that all the scrutiny of his personal life, that was a really risky thing he did in even getting into politics,” Carville, a “GMA” political contributor, said.

On Trump the Democratic strategist said the business tycoon got out of the race when he realized he was “making a fool of himself.”

“You have to remember, as our friend Mark Halperin pointed out, when Trump is talking about the non-birther foolishness and started focusing on his economic message he actually had some resonance out there,” he told me. “And with him gone and Huckabee gone we’ve got to remember there is nobody on the sort of popular side of the Republican equation now.”

So who will fill that void? Perhaps Rep. Michele Bachmann or former senator Rick Santorum, Carville told me. But his wild card pick is Jeb Bush.

“If Jeb Bush’s name was Jeb Smith it wouldn’t be a race. I mean he is a successful governor twice of a large state, he appeals to social conservatives…he can raise a ton of money, he’s a skilled politician, he’s got kind of an affable guy which people kind of like. He’s got stellar conservative credentials…on paper I’ve never seen a stronger candidate but, you know he’s obviously got the legacy issue,” he said.

Bush has insisted again and again that he will not run in 2012. That may not stop the pining for him.

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