Politics Next Week: GOP’s Wallflower Syndrome, The Debt and Immigration

May 6, 2011 4:53pm

ABC's Z. Bryon Wolf (@zbyronwolf), Amy Walter (@amyewalter) and Michael Falcone(@michaelpfalcone) report:

549 Days until Election 2012

Here in Washington next week the focus could again be on the debt ceiling. The deadline, tho now a bit fungible, looms on May 16th.

President Obama will try to bring immigration back into the conversation with a speech in Austin, TX. While it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see any sort of legislation on the issue this year or next, the courting of Hispanic voters is going to be a key element of the Obama 2012 campaign strategy.

Out in the early primary states, Wallflower syndrome continues to afflict potential candidates.  

The first Republican debatethis week was more notable for the eight or more potential candidates who weren’t there than for the five who were. Democrats did not sit the debate out, showing that they are primed and ready to get into campaign mode. The Democratic National Committee sent around a long pre-buttal to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty – the highest profile candidate on the stage in South Carolina last night – and several fact checks during and after the event (even one for former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain)

The Next Debate is Jun 7th in Manchester, New Hampshire

Pay attention to Jon Huntsman this week. He gives a commencement speech at the University of South Carolina on Saturday. He is officially out off the employ of President Obama, has set up a PAC, and he’s appearing in early primary states. While those around him say that he’s very  much in an exploratory mode, he’s had a shadow organization in place for months.

We expect Newt Gingrich to make his campaign more official – most likely through Facebook or other social media outlet – before he addresses the Georgia Republican party May 13th

Donald Trump returns to New Hampshire this week, but unless we find out that he’s dug up President Obama’s college transcripts, we don’t expect his visit to cause the waves it did last month. It is worth noting that it is t-minus 16 days to the season finale of Celebrity apprentice. He has said repeatedly that he’ll make his decision public  in the eight day window after his show ends, but “before June.”   Behind the scenes, Trump has been making preparations for a potential run, interviewing political operatives who could help him run a campaign if he ultimately decides to jump in.

If there is one thing standing in the  way of Mitch Daniels launching his campaign, it is thought to be hesitance by his wife and family. Cheri Daniels gives a speech May 12th to Republicans in Indiana and tea leaf readers will be watching her body language. For his part, Daniels told reporters this week that he is perhaps weeks away from an announcement and said that “family considerations” are the most important factor in his decision.

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