A familiar logo for a new presidential candidate

By Eliza

Jun 22, 2011 6:00pm

ABC News’ Sarah Kunin (@Sarah_Kunin) reports: In 24 hours, Jon Huntsman has officially become a presidential candidate started tweeting and launched a new website .  And there, proudly displayed in the center of his shiny new homepage, is his official campaign logo:             It’s a perfectly sensible graphic; a bold font in patriotic red, white and blue, the “H” floating over the horizon.  It also looks exactly like President Obama’s logo from 2008:          It appears that former Ambassador Huntsman has taken a design tip from his former boss. Hey, it worked last time. Obama’s logo was crafted by Chicago graphic artist Sol Sender, then a newcomer to campaign logo designing.  “We were struck by the ideas of hope, change and a new perspective on red and blue (not red and blue states, but one country),” sender told The New York Times . “There was also a strong sense, from the start, that his campaign represented something entirely new in American politics — “a new day,” so to speak” Huntsman’s logo was designed by Fred Davis’ firm, the man responsible for the mysterious motocross videos counting down to yesterday’s big announcement. Huntsman explained the purpose of the ads to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos this morning. “It gets people talking,” Huntsman said. “You throw up a corny commercial and it gets people talking and I think we’ve achieved the intended purpose. And here we are a day into it and feeling pretty good about ourselves.”

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