Anthony Weiner Should Not Resign Constituents Say in New Poll

Jun 9, 2011 6:05pm

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer (@devindwyer) reports:  Embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner may be taking heat from a growing number of his colleagues who think he should resign from office, but most voters in his congressional district appear to have his back.

A new poll by New York 1 and Marist College found 56 percent of registered voters in New York’s 9th congressional district think Weiner should stay, despite bold public lies about his online behavior and the embarrassing details that have since come to light.

Thirty-three percent said Weiner should immediately resign, while 12 percent were undecided, according to the poll.

The results mirror the findings of a broader poll of registered New York City voters released Tuesday.

“It’s shades of Clinton-Lewinsky in this poll,” said ABC News pollster Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates. “The results indicate that the majority of Weiner’s constituents are willing to separate his personal behavior, however objectionable, from his professional performance — much as we saw in public reaction to President Clinton’s sex scandal back in 1998.”

Weiner, who has been trying to keep a low profile since making a dramatic public confession and mea culpa on Monday, told the New York Post outside his home in Queens today that he intends to keep his job and “get back to work as best I can.”

He seemed to receive at least some indirect support on that front today, when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to join other high-profile political figures in calling for Weiner to go.
“Look, this country has a lot of problems. It’s time to get back to work and focus on what’s really important for the country,” he said.

When pressed further on Weiner, Bloomberg said, “There’s an election coming up in a year and a half and his constituents will have plenty of opportunity to say what they want to say at the polling place and that’s what democracy is all about.”

If the latest poll is any indication, Weiner could face an uphill climb in convincing voters to give him another term.

Only 44 percent of voters in his district said he’s doing an excellent or good job in office; just 38 percent see him favorably; and only 48 percent think he can be effective or very effective in office if he says.

As for whether they’d vote for Weiner again if the election were held today, it’s split fairly evenly three-ways:  30 percent definitely would, 31 percent definitely would not, and 38 percent are still undecided.

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