Barbour Warns Social Conservatives: Purity is the Enemy of Victory

Jun 3, 2011 12:04pm

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz (@ArletteSaenz) reports:

Gov. Haley Barbour issued a warning to social conservatives in choosing their Republican nominee for 2012: “Purity is the enemy of victory.”

“Remember purity in politics, purity is the enemy of victory,” Barbour said.  “We can’t start out with the idea out as the Faith & Freedom Coalition that our candidate’s got to agree with me on every single thing.  We cannot expect our candidate to be pure.  Winning is about unity.  Winning is about us sticking together to achieve the main thing.”

“Conservatives, religious people, small government people, we are not going to have purity.  We’re not going to have a perfect candidate,” Barbour said. “There’s only been one perfect person that ever walked on this earth.  And there ain’t gonna be another one in this election.”

Barbour did not endorse a particular candidate but told reporters after the speech a number of candidates in the field appeal to the religious conservatives.

Asked if he thinks Sarah Palin will run in 2012, Barbour responded: “She certainly has a following.  She’s got something to add, but she’s the one who’s got to make the decision.”

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