Huntsman Touts His Commitment to Life and Liberty

Jun 3, 2011 1:08pm

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz reports: Former Gov. Jon Huntsman used his speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference as an introduction to the social conservative group, stressing the importance of life and liberty.  He pointed to the adoption of two of his daughters – Gracie Mei and Asha – as reminders of the importance of life.

“There is something more essential in politics and that’s life, especially a child’s life.  I can’t imagine how much poorer the world would be without Gracie and her sister Asha, who was adopted from India,” Huntsman said.  “Mary Kaye and I give thanks to those two mothers, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of our lives, for valuing their daughter’s lives enough so they could become our daughters.”

Huntsman expressed his commitment to pro-life efforts, saying he signed every pro-life bill as governor of Utah.

“If Republicans ignore life, the deficit we will face is one that is much more destructive.  It will be a deficit of the heart and of the soul.”

Huntsman has narrowed his timeline on a decision about a 2012 run, telling reporters his family discussed the topic last weekend and an announcement on his decision will come very soon.

“We hope very soon.  We’ve discussed this over the last weekend as a family and we hope there will be more on that in the next week or two.”

Huntsman has previously said he will not announce before June 13th.

Huntsman told the social conservatives attending the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference that the 2012 election will focus on ensuring the liberties of the American people are maintained.

“The serfdom of high debt, massive government and toll these take on our liberty, our economy, and our lives, and that ladies and gentlemen, I believe will be the essence of the election in 2012,” Huntsman said.  “This is not just a time for choosing new leaders.  This is the hour when we choose our future.”

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