McConnell on Debt Talks: Where In The World Has President Obama Been?

By Nitya

Jun 23, 2011 11:47am

From ABC News' Sunlen Miller (@SunlenMiller):

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this morning on the Senate floor railed against a “worrisome development” in the debt talks: President Obama’s lack of leadership.

"Where in the world has President Obama been for the past month?" McConnell said, "What does he propose? What is he willing to do to reduce the debt and avoid the crisis that is building on his watch."

On the same day that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor dropped out of the Biden-led debt talks and as the group was set to meet for the eleventh time this afternoon, McConnell said that most Americans want President Obama to start acting like he’s in charge.

"It's not enough for the President to step in front of a microphone every once in a while and say a few words that someone hands him to say about jobs and the economy. Americans want to see that he's actually doing something about it."

McConnell said that thus far President Obama has “stood in the background” and not acted as if this is problem.

“He’s the President. He needs to lead. He needs to show that he recognizes the problem. And do something about it,” McConnell said noting that the Republican Party is not in the majority, “This is his problem to solve.”

In April President Obama appointed his Vice President to lead the bipartisan deficit reduction talks with a group of lawmakers from each of the four caucuses, in order to raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit before the August 2nd deadline for action.

-Sunlen Miller

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