Politics Week Ahead: Bachmann, Money and the Tour de Iowa

By Eliza

Jun 24, 2011 5:16pm

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf (@zbyronwolf), Amy Walter (@amyewalter), and Michael Falcone (@michaelpfalcone) report:

The two phrases you need to remember for next week are Michele Bachmann and Money Bags. And the place of the week is Iowa.

Tour de Iowa- Bachmann will officially kick off her campaign Monday in Waterloo, Iowa. The President is in that state on Tuesday at a manufacturing plant in Davenport and a new documentary made by Sarah Palin supporters debuts there in Pella.

On the money front, the fiscal quarter ends and campaigns have until July 15thto tell the FEC about their finances through Thursday.

Bachmann – Never mind that Michele Bachmann (1 “L”, 2 “N”s) has been debating and raising money, she officially joins the presidential race Monday in Waterloo, Iowa. ABC’s Jon Karl will be there to see it all happen.

If the official entrance this week of Jon Huntsman marked the emergence of a moderate option for Republicans, Bachmann rise from fringe candidate to serious caucus contender could see the beginning of an ultra-conservative power house.

Huntsman announced in moderate New Jersey and is banking on moderate Florida. She’s banking on social and religious conservatives in Iowa and a strong showing in the caucus.

Bachmann is at three percent support nationally among Republicans, according to an NBC/WSJ poll released earlier this month.  But she has spent time in Iowa, was born there, and her congressional chief of staff took a leave of absence to move there. And the Des Moines Register releases a poll this weekend. If it shows increasing support for her, that could further elevate the bounce she’s been riding since a compelling performance at the New Hampshire debate.

Campaign Finance – The filing quarter ends June 30th (Thursday), but campaigns have until July 15thto file their disclosure forms with the FEC. Between Thursday and July 15th, we are likely to start seeing top line numbers as put out by the campaigns. Mitt Romney is expected to raise a jaw-dropping amount –somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars. Newt Gingrich is expected to be in debt, which will further imperil his candidacy and scare off future donors. Huntsman is new to the race and can brush off his numbers, although they could be impressive.

Keep an eye on people like Pawlenty, who is struggling to find his gait in this marathon and could be either damaged or buoyed, depending on his fundraising number and how its spun.

It will likely be longer until we see the actual FEC documents, which include the juicy details about where campaigns actually spend their money.

Who will we see next week?

Bachmann – and lots of her. Iowa and South Carolina.

Obama – will make his first stop of the year in the caucus state that gave him his own first primary victory. (at a manufacturing plant in Davenport).

Pawlenty – giving a speech in New York on foreign affairs and Afghanistan.

Gary Johnson – opening up a campaign office in Manchester.

Rick Perry – speaking to Boy Scouts, but then undergoing back surgery at the end of the week.

Ron Paul – Travels in New Hampshire.

Who won’t we see much of next week?

Romney and Huntsman. These two were scheduled to have dueling fundraisers in Salt Lake City today, but Huntsman went to Reno for money instead. He’s all over the country raising money next week and has one roundtable in Northern California. Romney is also now keeping a lower profile, raising money. He has added a public event in New Hampshire Monday.

Who are we not sure we’ll see?

Sarah Palin. Her (non)campaign is as opaque as ever. But the documentary on her premieres in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday. It is not yet clear if the promise of guaranteed media coverage and coincidentally sucking up some of the oxygen of another Republican’s announcement (this time Bachmann instead of Romney) will draw her out of her Mama Grizzly Den.

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