Ron and Rand Paul: Roommates No More – Blame Traffic

Jun 30, 2011 3:27pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein (@ricklein) reports:

Reality-show producers had their hearts skip beats when it was revealed that Sen. Rand Paul would be sharing a house in the Washington area with his dad, Rep. Ron Paul, when Congress was in session this year.

But the libertarian father-and-son duo have split up, at least so far as housing arrangements go. It turns out to be another sad chapter in the annals of Washington, D.C., traffic, the younger Paul told us on ABC’s “Top Line” today.

“I thought I was going to go back to getting my allowance again, and I wasn’t getting an allowance. I said, ‘Dad, this is the pits,’ ” Sen. Paul said.

“No, the real — the truth of the matter is I enjoyed living with him, and it was nice to come home in the evenings and talk about family or politics or whatever. And I hadn’t lived at home in about 25 years, and it did work out very well.”

“But my main complaint was the traffic coming across the 14th Street Bridge. And so I decided to get an apartment on Capitol Hill where I could walk to work.”

Housing aside, Sen. Paul – who’s watched his father run twice for president unsuccessfully in the past – is bullish on dad’s chances this time around.

“What I think makes a big difference is in 2008 only 1 percent of Americans knew who Ron Paul was. Now, 80 percent of Americans know who he is. He really has a chance this time,” he said.

“The most amazing thing about my dad that I’ll tell you from a political point of view, is I go through the airport, the baggage handlers in a taxi cab, the cab drivers –- working-class folks — come up to me and are amazed and are very much for him.”

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