Sarah Palin Defends Bus Tour, Says She Hasn’t Moved to Arizona

Jun 1, 2011 12:21am

ABC News' Sheila Marikar reports: Many members of the media haven’t been able to get a question in to Sarah Palin during her “One Nation” tour. Fox News host Greta Van Susteren scored more than 20 minutes with her.

Susteren climbed aboard Palin’s Constitution-decorated tour bus over Memorial Day Weekend; her sit-down with the former Alaska governor aired Tuesday. Their interview covered a broad range of topics, from her tour to buying a house in Arizona to foreign policy.

Why go on a jaunt around the Northeast — hitting key states like New Hampshire and Iowa — if she doesn't know if she'll run for president in 2012? Palin offered this answer:

"It is about our charters of liberty and it’s reminding, especially the schoolchildren across America — that’s why I have my dad on the bus too, as a school teacher — I want the kids across America to realize what it is that built America, how important it is that we restore what is good and free and patriotic about America so we can prepare ourselves about the heady days ahead."

Palin said she has at least two good reasons to not divulge her tour’s itinerary in advance.

“We know where we’re going,” she said. “There’s a couple of different reasons why we’re not going to broadcast it to the whole world. One is security issues, but another is if the price of gas climbs much higher, right Todd [referring to her husband who’s traveling with her, Todd Palin], we’re not going to be able to go too far.”

Palin then revealed that the gas tank of the charter bus is decorated with a “Drill, baby, drill” decal.

The former Alaska governor confirmed the reports that she’s bought a house in Arizona but said she has not officially moved there.

“No I haven’t moved from Alaska but Safari Investments has invested in property in Arizona,” she said, adding that “we are a part of” Safari Investments. The reason for the purchase? As Alaskans, she and the rest of the Palin gang “like to thaw out once in a while.”

She discussed the documentary about her coming out next month, saying, “I’ve seen a rough cut of it and it blew me away.” While Palin didn’t give any new interviews to filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon for the film, she told Susteren she did record voiceovers for some footage.

When the discussion turned to foreign policy, Palin reiterated her objection to President Obama’s recent Middle East speech, saying “Some are quibbling if we should provide foreign aide to Israel … One of the reasons we love Israel is the freedom that they allow their people.”

As for helping US economic recovery, Palin said she wanted to establish, “incentive to allow job creators to grow, to thrive, to prosper.” She also blasted the “entitlement” culture, saying “we’re going on a couple generations here, in some parts, of believing that government will provide for all” and said President Obama is “deceiving the public” about budget reform packages.

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