So Much For Midwest Nice: Bachmann Rallies Home-State Crowd As Conservative as Liberal Bloggers Square Off in Minneapolis

Jun 18, 2011 1:53pm

ABC News’ Matthew Jaffe reports:

Minneapolis might be home to baseball’s Twins, but this weekend the city has been invaded by two groups that share little more than a mutual dislike.

Just down the street from the liberals’ Netroots Nation conference, conservative bloggers are holding their own gathering: Americans’ for Prosperity’s RightOnline.

The conservatives’ headliner this morning was home state Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who hit out at President Obama on the economy, health care, and the debt.

“Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama will be a one… term… president!” she said, letting the crowd belt out the last three words.

At the same time as the president was hitting the links with House Speaker John Boehner just outside Washington in a golf outing that has become known as “The Deficit Open,” Bachmann today argued that the president has demonstrated “a failure of leadership” on the debt and displayed a case of “morbid obesity” with spending.

“The question is when are we going to buck up? When are we going to say no? When are we going to finally say that we’re listening to the people, not the politicians who keep telling us we have to keep doing what doesn’t work?” she said. “I’m just here to tell you that as president of the United States I will make the serious cuts that have to be made, so we can finally get our budget to balance so we never have to raise the debt ceiling again.”

In a crowd-pleasing speech, Bachmann played to the audience by touting her Tea Party credentials.

“Liberals are deathly afraid of the Tea Party movement,” she said. “They’re quaking now.” 

But it wasn’t all smooth-sailing for Bachmann today: she was reportedly the victim of a glitter attack by gay rights protesters following her speech.

Later this afternoon another home-state candidate for president will address the crowd of conservative bloggers when former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty takes the stage here.


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