Donald Trump: Will He Get Back into the Presidential Race?

Jul 14, 2011 12:33pm

Michael Cohen, who has been a big political booster of Donald Trump’s and helped lay the groundwork for his boss’s potential presidential run, pens the below essay – asking the question, should Trump re-enter the race for the White House?

After the real estate mogul and reality TV star declined to make a run for the Presidency in May, he has continued to hint that he might re-enter.  But will he do it? Cohen, co-founder of and special counsel to Trump, lays out why his fans say he should: The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election has all but faded away since the announcement by Donald Trump that he would not run for the Republican nomination.  In the meantime, our country continues to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of economic devastation. Unemployment continues to remain a hot topic along with our unsustainable debt for many Americans. Yet, knowing the economic troubles we are currently in, our President now takes to the Hill to increase our debt ceiling.  Has our fearless leader ever understood the basic principle that when you borrow money, you have to pay it back? And when his rationale for increasing the debt ceiling is not agreed with, his reaction to walk away from the table is not befitting the act of a President; especially when the country’s solvency is at stake.

Despite Mr. Trump’s Republican withdrawal from the Presidential primary race, the never ending phone calls and e-mails to, demanding that I get Mr. Trump to reconsider, continue. The million plus visitors to the site, all worried for our country, are all asking where in the world is Donald J. Trump? The underlying theme in their message is “we agree with the common sense principles Mr. Trump has put forth.” Nevertheless, none of our elected officials have embraced them to make America great again.

Since his climb to number one in the polls, Mr. Trump campaigned on what have become, The Ten Principles of Trump.  These are basic principles of governing and economic policy to make America great again:

1.    WE MUST always put America first;
2.    WE MUST ensure that our government representatives use fiscally sound principles in reducing our national debt;
3.    WE MUST create domestic energy beginning with drilling for oil, coal, natural gas and the exploitation of every alternative energy source that will make us less dependent on foreign sources;
4.    WE MUST not export manufacturing or outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations;
5.    WE MUST protect our closest friend and ally Israel (in fact, he served as the Grand Marshal of the Israeli day Parade right after September 11th);
6.    WE MUST not protect foreign nations without compensation to our Country and our soldiers;
7.    WE MUST ensure that our countries infrastructure be re-built, properly maintained and technologically advanced;
8.    WE MUST not destroy Medicare and/or Medicaid;
9.    WE MUST tax all goods manufactured by foreign nations that do not treat us fairly (like China) sold in America; and
10.    WE MUST use American tax dollars to aid American’s suffering from natural catastrophes; not foreign countries.

It in uncontroverted that Mr. Trump’s message has resonated with the American people; demonstrated by the multitude of standing ovations received during his speeches, the overwhelmingly positive mail and incredible reaction at public appearances. Mr. Trump’s position is the same as ours… that the current leadership of our great country has taken us off track and sold our future to foreign interests. Instead of promoting ideas to improve our nation’s ailing economy and creating jobs to combat staggering unemployment numbers, they create so called “stimulus” packages that only squander our already limited resources.

If we are to return to greatness, we need a leader who will be unafraid to tell Americans the unvarnished truth on where we stand today. Instead of bowing to foreign kings and apologizing to dignitaries for our superpower status, we need a new President who will ensure that America becomes respected again. 

These are the principles we as Americans, are seeking…irrespective of party. Could we see Donald Trump re-enter the race at the right time as an Independent? Millions of us certainly hope so!

Michael Cohen is the Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump as well as the co-founder of


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