Obama Campaign Snapshot — 67 Weeks to Election

Jul 22, 2011 7:49pm

ABC News' Devin Dwyer (@devindwyer) reports: 

QUOTED & NOTED – A REFERENDUM?  “I’ll probably win or lose based on their assessment of my stewardship,” President Obama on his prospects for reelection by the American people in 2012, in an interview with KMBC-TV of Kansas City, Mo. 


MI – Did you say bailout?  In Michigan, it’s not a naughty word — at least for Democrats and supporters of president Obama.  Rep. Sander Levin, D-Mich., told us this week he’s confident Obama will carry the state because, “the truth of the matter is he saved the auto industry, with the help of some of us. Saved the auto industry,” he said again for emphasis. 

NH – One of Obama’s top regional campaign surrogates, Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, took his 2012 message for a test drive in New England this week.  

 “We had had 16 years of Republican governors more interested in having the job than doing the job,’’ he said of that state of affairs in 2007 when he assumed office.  “And when the economy collapsed, I didn’t cut and run like a bunch of folks who had this job before me, including one who’s been spending a whole lot of time up here.” [hint: Mitt Romney]

GETTING THE WORD OUT, & PLAYING CATCH UP:  “Many Americans don't know it, but [the CFPB] is just one part of a sweeping Wall Street reform law — the most pro-consumer and pro-taxpayer reform of our financial system since the Great Depression — that President Obama signed a year ago today,” campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in an email blast to supporters Thursday.  “It's up to us to make sure our friends and neighbors know about it. Watch our video about Wall Street reform today — and then pass it on.”  

DOLLARS & SENSE:  One week after Obama released a 15,000-page second quarter FEC report, we’re learning more about his donors and how they’re contributing to his pace-setting 2012 campaign.  Some highlights: 

– SMALL DONORS WOW:  More than half of all Obama’s cash for the primary season came from donors of $200-or-less — nearly double the percentage of four years ago.  

– MAXED OUT… LESS:   Supporters who gave the maximum legal donation for the primary — $2,500 — totaled just 19 percent of O’s haul in the second quarter.  Four years ago, “maxed out” donations made up 44 percent of his coffers.  (h/t Campaign Finance Institute)   

– WALL STREET:  Obama’s elite fundraisers with ties to the financial sector gathered more cash than their peers in any other industry, including legal services, which topped the charts in 2008. 

– EXPATS: An expat bundler living in London is Obama’s chief – and only! – fundraising emissary abroad.  An estimated 300,000 Americans live in the U.K. and can donate freely.  She’s netted at least $50,000 for Obama so far.

PARTY SABER RATTLING:  The DNC and RNC sparred on two fronts this week, both indicative of what will likely be major themes in the coming campaign. 

– TARGET: HISPANICS:  The DNC, RNC and American Crossroads all launched targeted Spanish-language ad campaigns in Hispanic-heavy media markets this week.  Obama won 67 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2008. Republicans say they see victory if they repeat Bush’s take of 40 percent in 2004. 

– GOT TRANSPARENCY?   The Obama campaign and DNC want you to know that the president is the only candidate to voluntarily release the names of his top financiers, or bundlers.  No GOP candidate has yet done the same.  But the RNC isn’t ready to cede the moral high ground entirely: they’ve accused Obama of illegally fundraising from the White House.  

FACE-TWEET SCORECARD:  The Republican presidential candidates held their first Twitter debate this week at 140TownHall.com. Here's who came out on top, courtsey the AllTwitter blog:

– MOST MENTIONS:  @MicheleBachmann – 1,000+

– MOST RETWEETS:   @TheHermanCain – 1,200+

– MOST NEW FOLOWERS:  @MicheleBachmann — 1,300+ for the week

Where does Obama stand?  His Twitter following grew 1.6% this week to 9.27 million.  On Facebook, he has more than 22.1 million fans.    


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