Reid: Senate’s Efforts ‘For Naught’ if House Not On Board

By Eliza

Jul 20, 2011 11:05am

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ABC News' Sunlen Miller (@sunlenmiller) reports:

Throwing cold water again on any momentum any of the plans in the Senate might have right now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV said warned today that their efforts are “for naught,” if these plans cannot pass in the House of Representatives.

As the clock ticks down to August 2nd, Reid said they need to work on something that will have the opportunity to pass in both the House and Senate.

“We can have the greatest ideas in the world, but if they're not accepted in the House, we can't extend the debt ceiling, which we have to do,” Reid said on the Senate floor this morning, “So now we await the House of Representatives with our bicameral form of legislature, that's what we must do.”

Point black, Reid said they need to hear from the House of Representatives on what their next step will be – and most importantly, what plan the Republican controlled House will support.

“We have a plan to go forward over here,” Reid said, but adding there are three working plans, the Gran Bargain, the Gang of Six, and the McConnell/Reid plan, “But until we hear from the House of Representatives, really our, all of our work here would be for naught. So I await the word from the Speaker.”  

It is not clear yet which of these plans would be able to pass in the House of Representatives – if any.  One thing Reid said is not worth the time: the Republicans’ Cut, Cap, Balance Act that won’t be passed in the Senate.

The Senate will likely vote on the Cut, Cap, Balance plan at some point this week, after it passed in the House last night.  Reid said that Republican leaders even know it will not pass in the Senate and implied that it was a waste of time. Time is of the essence, he said, just 12 days before the August 2nd deadline for action.

“We have to get now where we work on something that is really important and have an opportunity to pass.”

Reid spoke with President Obama last night over the phone last night and said that “he understands the issue as well as anyone in the country, if not more so because the buck really does stop at his desk.”

Majority Leader Reid said all Senators should be “calm and deliberate” as they proceed working on this issue.

“I’m confident we'll be able to work our way through this very difficult time,” Reid said, “But we are at the stage depending on the House of Representatives to help us find a path forward.”

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