The Note’s Must-Reads for Thursday, July 28, 2011

By Jayson

Jul 28, 2011 3:50am

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ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and John R. Parkinson: “John Boehner to House GOP: 'Get Your Ass In Line'” House Speaker John Boehner is cracking the whip. “Get your ass in line,” Boehner demanded at a closed-door meeting of the entire House Republican conference this morning.  “I can’t do this job unless you are behind me.” According to Republicans at the meeting, Boehner made an impassioned plea for his debt ceiling plan is the very best that Republicans could hope to achieve even as he acknowledged that it falls short of spending cuts that most of them want. LINK

The Hills’ Russell Berman and Erik Wasson: “GOP leaders rally troops for Thursday's debt-deal vote” Intense pressure from House Republican leaders on their members appeared to build momentum Wednesday for Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) debt-limit bill, despite conservative doubts and a wall of opposition from Democrats. “Get your ass in line,” the Speaker told Republican lawmakers in a conference meeting Wednesday, as his proposal to grant President Obama a limited increase in the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling faces a nail-biter of a vote on Thursday. LINK

Los Angeles Times’ Shane Goldmacher: “An 'altar call' as Boehner pushes GOP for votes” The looming vote to lift the federal debt limit marks a crucial test of strength for House Speaker John A. Boehner as his allies scrambled across Capitol Hill on Wednesday to line up votes ahead of Thursday's floor showdown. Rep. Steven C. LaTourette, an Ohio Republican, said about 20 of Boehner's top lieutenants gathered Tuesday evening in the speaker's office to plot a path to passage. LINK

New York Daily News’ Aliyah Shahid: “Debt ceiling talks: Tea Party backlash forces GOP House Speaker John Boehner to delay vote” A frustrated House Speaker John Boehner  had a blunt message Wednesday for his cavalier Tea Party colleagues: "Get your ass in line" behind the GOP's debt ceiling plan. "This is the bill," Boehner told a private meeting of House Republicans, reported. "I can't do this job unless you're behind me." LINK

USA Todays’ Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel: “Column: How to end Washington's idiotic game of chicken”  Today: The debt-ceiling showdown. Bob: Wow. Really? We're actually just days away from the U.S. government dropping the ball on its debt obligations? Whether Washington resolves this or not, what a sad day for our country. Cal: It reminds me of the saying that when you hit rock bottom, stop digging. But this president and this Congress are mining with great determination. To say this debate over raising the debt ceiling is embarrassing would be too kind. It's shameful, reckless and spineless. LINK

The New York Times’ Carl Hulse: “With G.O.P. Unity at Risk, Boehner Tries Tougher Style” Speaker John A. Boehner is a laid-back leader who likes to say that his role is to let the House work its will. But with the nation’s economic standing and his own political future at risk, Mr. Boehner jettisoned his usual laissez-faire approach on Wednesday. LINK

The Washington Post’s Paul Kane and Lori Montgomery: “Boehner, other GOP leaders ramp up pressure on Republicans to pass debt plan” House GOP leaders mounted a furious bid Wednesday to win support for legislation designed to ease the nation’s debt crisis, delivering a tongue-lashing to their most conservative lawmakers and casting Thursday’s roll call as nothing less than a vote of confidence in their stewardship of the chamber. LINK

The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan and Sean Lengell: “GOP scrubs bill for $65 billion in further cuts” After finding $65 billion in new spending cuts Wednesday, House Republican leaders braced for a floor showdown Thursday on their bill to raise the government’s borrowing limit by $900 billion while cutting even more than that from future spending. LINK

Bloomberg’s Mike Dorning and James Rowley: “House Debt-Limit Vote Sets Stage for Showdown” The House of Representatives planned to vote today on a debt-limit increase proposal that confronts unified Democratic opposition in the Senate, setting the stage for a congressional showdown to avert a U.S. default. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio gained support among fellow Republicans for his plan to raise the debt ceiling after reworking the legislation to cut $917 billion over 10 years, more than his original approach. LINK

The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser: “GOP plan on debt gets push in House” House Republicans began coalescing yesterday around House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to avoid default on the national debt, saying the very future of their party was at stake in the fight, even as Senate Democrats said the bill stands no chance of passing their chamber. A day after Boehner’s plan encountered stiff resistance from conservatives in his own party, House Republicans held an emotional closed-door meeting where leadership pressured members to vote for the speaker’s proposal when it comes to the floor today. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Naftali Bendavid and Carol E. Lee:  “Debt-Crisis Vote Goes Down to Wire in House” The House was headed for a cliffhanger vote Thursday on a revised debt plan from Republican Speaker John Boehner that could go a long way in determining if the government's borrowing limit is raised in time to avoid a possible default next week. Mr. Boehner scrambled Wednesday to stem defections by conservatives, telling fellow Republicans, "I need an army behind me." But he could delay the vote if he concludes his plan won't pass the House. LINK

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