Boom Goes The Microphone

Aug 16, 2011 4:07pm

ABC News' Amy Walter (@amyewalter) reports:

As another tough-talkin’, plain speakin’ Texas Governor hits the campaign trail this week, there’s the unavoidable comparisons between George W. Bush and Rick Perry. The mannerisms. The accents. The boots. And, now, the open mic gaffes.

Almost every candidate, at some point in his or her  career,  has been caught by a microphone or a video camera saying or doing something that they assumed was private. The most recent, and notable, of course, was Vice President Joe Biden leaning over to tell President Barack Obama that passage of the health care bill was a “big f-ing deal.”

One of the most iconic Bush open-mic moments was back in September of 2000, when the then Texas Governor leaned over to remark to his running mate, Dick Cheney, that Adam Clymer, then a reporter for the New York Times, was a “major league a-hole”. “Oh yeah. Big time,” replied Cheney.

Five years later, it was another Texas Gov. who had not so nice things to say about a local TV correspondent. After being grilled for ten minutes by remote, Perry, thinking the microphone and camera were off turned to an aide and said of KTRK’s Ted Olberg “Adios, MoFo.”

The difference between the two:  Bush and Cheney defended their remarks, Perry apologized publicly and privately for his. 

Read more about Perry's 2005 open-mic incident.

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