Christine O’Donnell: Romney ‘Very Good At Keeping His Focus’ On Obama’s ‘Failed Policies’

Aug 16, 2011 5:29pm

ABC New’s Amy Walter (@amyewalter) reports:

Former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has some advice for candidates running in 2012: keep your focus on the policy not the personal.  

Asked to respond to Gov. Rick Perry’s comments yesterday that suggested that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke might be close to committing a “treasonous” act., O’Donnell told ABC’s Top Line that “you have to stick to the policies, and what we see happening in Washington, what the Obama administration is doing, is outrageous enough that there are enough broken policies coming from Washington that we need to make that our target.”  She went on to say that she thinks that “Mitt Romney is very good at keeping his focus on what’s coming from the Obama administration, the failed policies coming from the Obama administration.”

O’Donnell plans to remain active in politics in 2012 with Christine PAC. The PAC, she said,  will serve to fund “filing counter complaints” on behalf of candidates she feels have been maligned. “We want to help clean up the political process,” O’Donnell told “Top Line,” “ so that when candidates run, it’s about your policies, it’s about your platform.”

“You know in my race, both Republicans and Democrats filed false claims against me and they do this as a political weapon so that during the election, the headlines read, you know, ‘Candidate O’Donnell Accused of This Illegal Activity,’ and while I’ve been cleared of all charges, and these complaints have been proven to be the malicious political motivated complaints that they are, the damage was done in the political process,” said O’Donnell.

As of June 30, the PAC had raised $119,000 and had just $33,00 in the bank.

O’Donnell is currently on a publicity tour promoting her new book “Troublemaker.”

“I wrote my book,” said O’Donnell, “because we need to continue to press against the lashing back, the push back that we’re gonna get from the Washington establishment, because they don’t want to change politics as usual.”

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