Donald Trump: Rick Perry Is an ‘Impressive Guy’

Aug 16, 2011 6:38pm

That’s what Donald Trump told me this afternoon when I asked him if he would support the latest candidate to enter the 2012 race – Texas Governor Rick Perry.

“Well, I think he’s a very impressive guy. I’ve spoken to him a number of times. He’s going to come and see me next week,” Trump, who thought about running for the GOP nomination himself, said. “And I think he’s a very impressive guy with a very good record.”

Specifically Perry’s job record – Texas has created more jobs than any other state since the recession. But that stat has been criticized by people who say it’s due to population growth and low-wage jobs and shouldn’t be a model for the rest of the country. 

“I think at this point, America would accept anything in terms of jobs, whether it’s great jobs or okay jobs.  We need jobs…We’re losing our jobs. People are leaving this country and our products are all being made in other countries. We have to reverse that immediately,” Trump told me.

Perry already has a reputation for shooting from the hip – as he displayed in Iowa yesterday when he said it would be almost “treasonous” for Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve to print more money before November. 

Trump defended the candidate and said Perry is still prepared for the trail.  

“I think he feels very strongly about it. But it’s just an expression,” Trump said. 

“I think he’s very ready. He’s been governor of Texas for a long time. Texas has done very well. I think he’s very ready. No, he’s a tough guy. He’s a smart guy and…like everybody else in this country. We’re all frustrated. He’s very frustrated and he’s probably angry. So I think he has the right to show some emotion,” Trump told me.

Trump also told me about:

  • What he thinks of the rest of the 2012 GOP field.
  • Why he would “put country first” and pay more taxes.
  • Is he really thinking of a third Party bid?
  • And, yes, one more exchange on that birth certificate.

Tune into “GMA” tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. for more of my interview with Donald Trump.

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