Harry Reid Calls for Debt Vote ASAP….His Pomegranate Trees Are Waiting

Aug 1, 2011 3:18pm

ABC News' Sunlen Miller (@SunlenMiller) reports:

Senate Majority Leader Reid, D-Nev., says that Congress needs to send the debt deal legislation to President Obama “as soon as we can.”

“I never count my votes until they are cast,” Reid said at the Ohio Clock stakeout adding that he’s hopeful to have a vote either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when the House of Representatives votes and sends the legislation to the Senate if it is passed. “I’m not here to declare victory. We need to get this thing passed.”

The Senate Democratic caucus met for two hours this morning where no doubt that a visit from Vice President Biden was meant to help whip up support for the deal that is imperfect in many eyes, especially among Democrats. Reid noted that there was some “enthusiasm” for the legislation and also some in the room that were “not so enthusiastic.” He added that, “generally speaking, people realize the situation we're in and the alternative.”

Reid said that after the debt deal is passed there are some nominations to deal with and the FAA issue has to be resolved – but after that he hopes Senators can go home for August recess, perhaps even early.

August recess was to start on Monday, Aug. 8.  But Reid said today given the “pretty hard work period” over the last two weekends and working late that he believes “the Senate deserves to be able to go home as soon as we can.”

“If there were ever a time when we need to work with our constituents, it's now,” Reid said on the Senate floor later.  

But personally speaking, Reid wants to go home sooner rather than later because he misses home in Nevada….and his pomegranate trees.

“I have a home in Nevada that I haven't seen in months,” a tired-looking Reid said. “My pomegranate trees are, I’m told, are blossoming and have some pomegranates on them. I have some fig trees and roses and things that I just haven't seen. So I have constituents that I’m anxious to see, friends I need to visit with, relatives I need to visit with.”  

So Reid said as soon as the Senate completes their work he’d like to move “as quickly as I can to the summer recess period.”

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