Herman Cain Touts Business Experience at Straw Poll: ‘The Engine of Economic Growth Is the Business Sector’

Aug 13, 2011 4:32pm

ABC News' Susan Archer (@TheOnlyArcher) reports:

AMES, IA — Cain delighted supporters at his tent today with two gospels, one performed with Governor Huckabee. To laughter, he remarked, “How many candidates are going to do that for you? I’m just saying.” After an afternoon of serving 'Godfather's Pizza' to his supporters, he wowed the crowd with the final candidate speech of the day.

Walking out to thunderous applause at the Hilton Coliseum, he didn’t speak as long as some of the other candidates, but touched on numerous “crises” that he says our country is facing – namely immigration, the economy, morality, and foreign policy.

Cain preached about his business accumen, promising to use his strength in this field to boost the American economy. “The engine of economic growth is the business sector.”

Cain spoke about the nation’s debt. “We have an entitlement spending crisis,” he said. Under his business leadership, “this nation will go from being an entitlement society to an empowerment society. Let’s empower people.”

Speaking on the issue of dependence on foreign oil, he said “We will be our own best customer!”

Cain talked about illegal immigration, and employing what he’s termed common sense solutions to securing the border and dictating the path to U.S. citizenship, which he said was “legal immigration.”

In a slight at President Obama, Cain said while he didn’t have foreign policy experience, his approach would be clear. “My approach to foreign policy. Clearly identify who our friends are. Clearly identify who are enemies are. And stop giving money to our enemies.”

“If I send our men and women into war, they will be in it  to win it.”

Finally, Cain spoke to what he thought was our nation’s moral crisis, taking a pro-life stance from conception.

“One of the reasons I am running for President of the United because I have achieved my dreams and then some.” His granddaughter he said, was his inspiration, and invoking a parable from Ronald Reagan, said he didn’t want to tell her about how great our country used to be. “When I watched President Obama take office and then the weakening of the country,” he said, “I knew I had to use my talents and skills.”

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