Jon Huntsman’s Mystery Campaign Announcement

By Eliza

Aug 9, 2011 5:12pm

ABC News' Sarah Kunin (@Sarah_Kunin) reports:

With all eyes on Iowa this week, Team Huntsman is focusing their attention on Florida, releasing a press release today about “a major announcement” in Coconut Grove on Wednesday. The location hints at a possible Sunshine State endorsement.

Rumors instantly swirled around who Huntsman’s mystery backer could be, with most of the speculation landing on Jeb Bush, Jr., the son of Florida’s ever-popular former Governor Jeb Bush, Sr., and nephew to President George W Bush.

While Jeb has been spotted alongside Huntsman at Florida campaign events, he has yet to formally back a candidate. Bush, who is on the board of a Hispanic outreach group, recently spoke about the importance of Huntsman garnering the Latino vote. “We need to really focus the message on immigration and the economy; those are important issues for Latinos. … That is something that Hispanics and Latinos would buy into,” he said. “I’m learning more about the governor-slash-ambassador — not sure exactly what we should call him— but I’m impressed because he is very substantive, he talks about the issues, he knows them well. And that’s what we need in a general election.”

While Huntsman has stressed that securing the border would be a priority for him as president, he recently told a New Hampshire crowd that he supports the DREAM act, granting privileges to children that arrived to the United States illegally. “I believe that young kids when they're dragged here to the United States have no say over their journey. They have no say over their destiny," he said. 

In October, 2008, the junior Jeb announced that he would back Rudy Guiliani for president. However, after 3 months of low poll numbers and even lower primary ranks, Guiliani withdrew from the race.

While Jeb Jr has chosen to follow in the family footsteps as a political player, it is Bush’s private life that has made headlines. In 2000, Bush was caught having sex in a Tallahassee mall parking lot at age 16, though no charges were filed. At 21, he was arrested for public intoxication after Bush 'continually pushed against this officer and struggled as [he] attempted to handcuff him.'

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