Meat, Sweet or Debt Deal? The Mystery of the ‘Satan Sandwich’

Aug 1, 2011 4:16pm

gty moon pie sc 110801 wb Meat, Sweet or Debt Deal? The Mystery of the Satan Sandwich

ABC News’ Sarah Parnass reports:

Yesterday, Representative Emanuel Cleaver used the term “Satan Sandwich” to refer to the debt deal cooked up by House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama (or should we say, Commander in Chef?). This title attracted a lot of media attention, but as it turns out, Rep. Cleaver, D-S.C., was not the first to coin the term.

In a deliciously literal form, a “Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich” refers to a red velvet variation on the Southern Moon Pie. Made with red devil’s food cake and marshmallow filling, you can find the recipe here.

The Daily Caller posted a very different recipe for “Quick Satan Sandwiches.”


1 jar Pizza quick sauce
Pizza dough
Shredded cheese
1 lb. hamburger
1 pkg. taco seasoning
Onions, optional

Brown hamburger. Add taco seasoning as directed on package. Roll out dough into small circles, about 8 inch across. Place meat, cheese and onions in middle of circles. Fold in half and press closed.

Bake on greased pan at 420 degrees until dough is golden brown.

A band called Satan Sandwich describes itself as, “Keith Wayne drunk on a tuesday night…” Some of their tracks include Pumpkin Patch and Invaders of Planet Gorgimeth.

Back in 2007, the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold gave a one-time performance of a song called, “Satan Sandwich” at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, Calif.

A simple Internet search revealed that “Satan Sandwich” even has its own Urban Dictionary entry that appears to pre-date Rep. Cleaver’s comment. The irreverent online dictionary’s definition for the term: “The chiefest of hell’s dark delights, it is said that just one bite of it arouses an unspeakable lust of terrific potency.” (We’ll take their word for it.)

So who gave rise to the term, “Satan Sandwich?” Is it a song, a sweet, a meaty meal or a debt deal? Some questions aren’t meant to be answered.

ABC’s Michael Falcone contributed to this report.

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