Obama Job Approval Sags in Swing States He Won in 2008

Aug 8, 2011 4:50pm

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer (@devindwyer) reports:   President Obama’s average job approval rating over the first half of 2011 was above 50 percent in 16 states, four more than last year, a new Gallup survey found.  

The president’s approval numbers ticked up above the 50-percent threshold in 2012 battlegrounds Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and remained strong in Democratic strongholds like Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware, where it hovered near 60 percent.  

But voters in a number of swing states won by Obama in 2008 were less approving, signaling what is expected to be a tough road to re-election ahead.  

The president's rating sagged below the symbolic 50-percent mark in Indiana (42 percent); Oregon, Colorado and Nevada (44 percent); Ohio (45 percent); and Virginia and North Carolina (46 percent).

Obama’s highest approval rating was in the District of Columbia at 83 percent.  Idaho voters gave the president his lowest rating, with just 27 percent approving of his job. 

The national average approval of Obama’s job performance over the same period was 47 percent, according to Gallup. 

The aggregate polling data, covering a six-month period and surveying nearly 90,000 Americans, has a margin of error of one percentage point. 

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