Obama Road Trip

By Eliza

Aug 3, 2011 9:54am

ABC News' Ann Compton (@AnnCompton) reports:

President Obama is planning a summer road trip in the Middle West  this month to talk about job creation,  and he is already drawing partisan fire  that he’s more interested in campaigning through battle ground states than curing the economy.

“He will be out, you know, very happily getting out in the country again, after a sustained period here in Washington,” press secretary Jay Carney told his daily briefing. “And he will — he looks forward to talking to folks about growing the economy, creating jobs. “

Even before that official confirmation, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus used a conference call with reporters to scoff at what looks more like a campaign whistle-stop that serious work on the economy.

“Everything the president does right now is all political,” Priebus insisted. “He just so happens to do, be doing a bus tour throughout the Midwest which is going to be a battleground area in the election coming up in 2012. President Obama has a nose for being involved in the campaign, but not a nose for resolving our fiscal problems in this country.”

Press Secretary Carney recoiled at  press questions,  complaining “the air of cynicism is quite thick.” in the briefing room as well. “The idea that the President of the United States should not venture forth into the country is ridiculous.”

When President Obama gets ready to roll August 15 through 17, he will be the first official to make use of two armored tour buses just purchased by the Secret Service.

The million dollar vehicles are part of the fleet the Secret Service keeps in Washington for any officials who require protective details. Eventually that will include presidential  candidates.  

In the past for presidential bus tours, the Secret Service has had to rent long haul buses  often used by music stars on tour and retro-fit the vehicles with  needed communications and security gear fit for a president.

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