Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail: Fairfield, Iowa

Aug 10, 2011 2:26pm

abc ron paul sign ll 110809 wb Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail: Fairfield, Iowa

ABC News' Jason Volack (@jason_volack) report:

Ron Paul campaigned in pastoral Fairfield, Iowa, on Tuesday evening, part of an effort to drum up support before Saturday's straw poll in Ames. About 200 people showed up – grandparents, parents with their children and teenagers – to sit on park benches, and hear Ron Paul’s vision for America. That vision includes international retreat and a federal hands-off approach to marijuana use.

One of Paul’s most despised federal agencies is the Federal Reserve, and he spent a good portion of his speech railing against its effect on America's economy – calling it useless.

Paul answered a question from ABC News on his reaction to Tuesday’s decision by the fed to keep interest rates at a historically low level until mid 2013.

“That’s exactly the wrong thing to do, that’s what got us into trouble,” said Congressman Paul. “[Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke] is liquidating debt through inflation.”

Congressman Paul also talked about the appeal of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who might also be running for the Republican nomination for president.

“From our viewpoint – he will be beneficial to our campaign. He appeals to the status quo, and we don’t represent the status quo. He will dilute the status quo, and he will enhance our campaign,”Congressman Paul said.

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