Dueling Web Videos Released From Romney, Perry Camps

Nothing says “good morning” like dueling web videos from the Romney and Perry campaigns.

Each camp came out today with a fresh video that attacks the other’s recent statements on policy, each attempting to paint the other as being aligned with less conservative positions than they’ve claimed to be.

While Perry goes after Romney, accusing him of  being a flip-flopper on Race to the Top, an education  program put in place under the Obama administration, Romney attacks Perry for his stance on educating illegal immigrants, a view that Obama shares.

Perry had challenged Romney’s views on Race to the Top in the debate last Thursday, saying his decision to adopt a program initiated by Obama was “not conservative,”  implying that Romney  had changed his mind at the debate, claiming that he did not know what program Perry was talking about.

But in a statement this morning, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul pushed back:  ”This is just another tall tale from Gov. Perry. Instead of spending time misrepresenting Gov. Romney’s words, Gov. Perry should take some time to explain why he thinks conservatives who disagree with him on providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants don’t have a heart.’”

The Romney campaign, for its part,  has accused  the Perry team of selectively editing Romney’s words on  Race to the Top, omitting a line from Romney’s speech at the town hall in Florida in which he said, “For me, get that back to the state level.”

“Race to the Top, which encourages schools to have more choice, more testing, more evaluation of teachers.  Those are things I think make some sense,” Romney said.

In the Romney web video titled “They Agree,” Perry’s recent remarks on illegal immigration are compared with those of  President Obama and Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O’Mally. Perry is out fundraising today in Maryland.

The video compares Perry’s  remarks from last week’s debate, during which he said, “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think [you] have a heart,” with O’Malley’s and Obama’s.

“The one thing I do like about Perry is that he recognizes that fair is fair,” says O’Malley, before the video cuts to a shot of Obama saying, “We should stop punishing innocent young people by the actions of  other people. We should stop denying them to chance to earn an education.”

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