Hillary for President? Bill Daley Dismisses Cheney’s Idea

VIDEO: George Stephanopoulos talks to William Daley about Obamas jobs plan.

Yesterday former Vice President Cheney told ABC News’ Jon Karl that it would “good for the country” if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would challenge the president in the Democratic primary.

Today, President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, responded telling me that “there is no one but Dick Cheney who believes such ideas.”

“Look, Vice President Cheney is trying to peddle a book out there. So I’m not going to comment on his opinion. Hillary Clinton is a tremendous Secretary of State. She has been a tremendous supporter of this president’s foreign policy initiatives around the world,” Daley said.

“She is a unique individual, the president is very close to her. She is an integral part of this Administration and I think maybe the former Vice President ought to consider himself an expert on maybe Republican politics, I doubt Democratic politics,” he said.

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