McConnell on Obama’s Jobs Plan: “Hodgepodge of Retread Ideas”

Declaring President Obama’s jobs plan all but dead on arrival on Capitol Hill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said that the details show that the president’s plan is just a “a hodgepodge of retread ideas,” that he’s “daring Republicans to vote against.”

After his initial first look at the bill, McConnell’s harsh criticism of the jobs plan on the Senate floor this morning were his first public comments since the president sent up his bill to Congress on Monday.

“It’s now obvious why the president left out the specifics last week,” McConnell said, “not only does it reveal the political nature of this bill, it also reinforces the growing perception that this administration isn’t all that interested in economic policies that will actually work.”

McConnell said the president’s call to immediate action is “clearly little more than rhetorical flourish,” and that the jobs speech and subsequent bill was largely a “political exercise” as the bill faces a very tough road ahead in Congress among Republicans but also Democrats as well.

“The president knows raising taxes is the last thing you want to do to spur job creation. He said so himself. Yet that’s basically all he’s proposing here, temporary stimulus to be paid for later by permanent tax hikes so that when the dust clears and the economy is no better off than it was after the first stimulus, folks find themselves with an even bigger tax bill than today.”

Put simply, McConnell concluded, this plan is “not serious” and is “more of a re-election plan than a jobs plan.”

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