Obama Lays Low With Day Of White House Meetings

After a day of partisan sparring over the timing of the president’s address to Congress next week, President Obama will spend today in closed-door meetings at the White House.

Late last evening the president accepted House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to move back one day his address to a joint session of Congress outlining his much-anticipated jobs proposal. The president had originally requested to give his speech next Wednesday, Sept. 7, at the exact same time that Republican Presidential candidates are scheduled to appear in a live televised debate.

Boehner rejected and proposed next Thursday instead.  The president ultimately accepted but the White House did note that they had consulted with the Speaker’s office before publicly requesting the Wednesday date. Obama’s speech will now fall on the same night as the opening game of the NFL season.

The president today will no doubt continue to fine tune his jobs proposal with his senior advisers and in a meeting late this afternoon with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

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