Pelosi Discusses DADT Repeal on ‘Ellen,’ Receives Oversized Gavel

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made her first appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ today to tout her lead in the mission to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, explaining to the popular talk show host that the repeal “took a Congress that would pass it and a president that would sign it.”

Asked what took so long, Pelosi told Ellen that the controversial policy’s repeal was a result of persistent Democratic efforts and the commitment of President Barack Obama to ensure that the law was reversed.

“It took a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president to get it done,” Pelosi said. “There were some Republican votes in the House and in the Senate, and we were very proud of the bipartisanship.”

“We were very proud. Many of us have been working on this for years,” she added. “Why is it that people who want to serve our country in a very patriotic way [are discriminated against]? We should be taking pride instead of having discrimination.”

Ellen played a clip from the recent GOP presidential debate where a homosexual soldier asking about the repeal of DADT was booed by members of the audience, although the reaction from the candidates on stage at the time did not illicit a rebuke.

“Here we have a service member speaking from Iraq to that audience questioning those candidates, and when the jeers – jeering of a person who is serving our country, it’s unthinkable,” Pelosi said in disbelief. “But on top of that, that none of the people — who would be president, who would be commander in chief — would say, ‘Call a halt’ – make a statement right then and there. That was totally unacceptable in our country.”

Pelosi recorded her appearance Wednesday at the Ellen studios in Burbank, Calif., walking out to the Isley Brothers 1964 tune, “Who’s That Lady.”

Ellen joked with Pelosi that she wanted to get her own postage stamp, now that the United States Postal Service has changed its policy to clear the way to put living people on stamps.

“You’re on” Pelosi said. “I can’t wait to buy that sheet.”

At the end of the segment, Ellen presented Pelosi with an oversized baby blue gavel with gold trimmings that delivered audible jokes with Ellen’s voice when the prop was slammed.

“Can’t we all just get along,” the gavel asked. “What would Judge Judy do?” and, “It’s a filibuster!”

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