Romney Asked About Perry, Says GOP Race Is ‘Very Fluid’

Gov. Mitt Romney characterized the race for the GOP presidential nomination as “very fluid” in an interview tonight with Fox News’ Great Van Susteren.

Asked what his theory is on how Texas Gov. Rick Perry managed to surpass him in the latest polls, Romney responded, “No particular theory.”

“It’s a very fluid race,” Romney said. “They’re going to get to know us very well.

“I’m pretty well known by a lot of folks, Gov. Perry will be and the other candidates as well,” Romney said of voters. “And after they get the chance to hear us all and evaluate our respective experience, they’ll make their decision.

“If people want somebody who knows how to turn things around and get things headed the right track, I’m the guy who has done that,” he said. “I did that in business, I did that in the Olympics, I did it in the state of Massachusetts. I want to use that experience to get America’s economy going again for the American people.

“If that’s what people want I’ll be elected, and if not, someone else will be,” Romney said.

Interestingly, Romney used the same adjective — fluid — as Perry did to describe his attendance at the debate Wednesday evening. Earlier today Perry, who left the campaign trail Monday to go back to Texas to deal with the wildfires, said his appearance at the debate is a “fluid situation.”

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