Senators Bet on Hometown Teams in Baseball Playoffs

Democratic senators Charles Schumer of New York and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan have made a friendly bet as their home state teams face off in the Major League Baseball playoffs.

The Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees series begins tonight in New York and the senators have set the terms: if the Tigers win the series, Schumer will provide Stabenow with a case of New York-made Savor Crown maple syrup. If the Yankees win, Schumer wins a case of Michigan-made American Spoon fruit preserves.

“I know I speak for the entire state when I say I’m so proud of the Tigers for their success already this year and wish them luck in the playoffs,” Stabenow said in a statement, “From Justin Verlander’s outstanding 24 wins to Miguel Cabrera’s batting title to the team’s late-season surge, this has already been an exciting year for Tigers fans — and I know the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to enjoy my pancake breakfast with New York maple syrup when the Tigers take this series!”

“With the Yankees set to roll right over the Tigers, it’s a shame Sen. Stabenow won’t get to sample the ‘Chateau Lafite-Rothscild’ of maple syrup,” said Schumer. “I had the privilege of sampling Crown Maple earlier this year, and you won’t find better maple syrup anywhere else around. I look forward to my assortment of jams and spreads from American Spoon, and watching the Yankees march closer to their 28th World Championship.”

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